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Updated on November 9, 2016

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Beautiful websites attract the best traffic. If you don’t work on dressing up your website, then you could lose out on potential visitors. If you are a blogger or looking to become one, then WordPress is without a doubt, the best content management solution and blogging software to use. It is highly customizable and comes with tremendous amount of community support. Almost all the hosting providers support WordPress and providers like Cloudways give Managed WordPress Hosting in 1-click.

pankogut wordpress theme discount

If you are looking to start a blog or already have a blog that you would want to beautify, then there are a tons of free and paid WordPress themes available to use. However, it becomes extremely complex to find the right theme for your website. To help you with that task, here are 5 things you should consider before selecting a theme for your WordPress website.

1 – Responsive Design

There are more people that use a mobile device to navigate the web instead of a desktop. You can’t have a blog anymore without a fixed layout.

Lulu Theme

For example the theme Lulu, as you can see, fit all kind of mobile devices. It offers your readers a better experience.

2 – Options Panel

There are a lot of premium themes with tons of options, but sometimes you feel frustrated because you really don’t know how to work with them.

Options are useful when you understand them. If you have a blog you need to customize colors, header image, fonts, sometimes the layout and the footer. That’s it. And that’s what you’ll find, for example, with Biscuit.


As you can see, you’ll be able to customize your blog with just the Customizer panel under the tab Appearance.

3 – Translate Ready

When we develop a product, we think that the whole world speaks the same language: English. That’s not true. So if you buy a premium theme, be sure that it has at least the .pot file that you can easily translate in your language with the software Poedit.

Charlotte Theme

For example Charlotte has the .pot file included.

4 – Support

You have selected your new premium WordPress theme. But you are trying to be in touch with the developer, but to no avail. You get frustrated and you don’t know how to keep things working well. What is the point I am trying to portray? You have to be sure that you’ll get good support with the theme. For example, here at customers are happy for our lovely support. We love to help people in achieving their dreams.

Lino Theme

If you are also a freelancer who needs a portfolio section, then Lino is for you.

5 – Simplicity

As I wrote before about complex premium WordPress themes, we prefer better themes that work well and fit your needs. You don’t need all options out there. It’s better to find the right one for you with all above suggestions included.

Pinup Theme

Pinup, for example, has a feminine style but you can change the colors and customize it according to your liking. It’s simple to use and it has what you need to start your blogging business. It also has the portfolio section and is WooCommerce compatible.

And since you are reading this on Cloudways Blog, you will get a chance to get access to these themes, and more, with a LIFETIME PLAN of Pankogut.

Just use the exclusive promo code cloudways16 at checkout and get an exclusive 50% discount on the Lifetime Plan!

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