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Omniconvert Review — The Best CRO Tool For Boosting Your Conversions

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In an environment that offers so many choices and distractions, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the science and art of capturing the visitor’s’ attention and leading them closer to a desired goal.

It is a marketing strategy, created with the purpose of maximizing revenue, while improving the user experience. As a result, websites become more effective, delivering the exact information they are supposed to, while visitors navigate faster and easier. A page is considered well optimized when a high percentage of visitors “convert” into customers or subscribers.

How Old is Is The CRO Industry?

Although it’s been around for more than a decade, CRO is still in its infancy. So, now is a good time to get serious about CRO and gain a serious edge over your competitors.

“In 2016 about 22% of businesses were satisfied with their conversion rates. However, for every $92 spent on acquiring leads, only $1 was spent on converting them”. (Econsultancy, 2016).

On the other side, the companies who are using conversion rate optimization are enjoying the benefits: “The average ROI on CRO tools is 223%” ~ Venture Beat

For more in depth information about how to start your conversion optimization process check out this Beginner’s guide to CRO.

What Is Omniconvert?

Omniconvert is the complete conversion rate optimization platform that enables you to combine the power of A/B testing, user surveys, pop-up banners, advanced segmentation and much more for significantly increasing your conversion rates.

There are many benefits once you start using Omniconvert to implement your CRO strategy. Here are the main ones:

  • Retain the about-to-leave visitors and take them back to their shopping cart with fully customizable exit intent overlays and surveys (all without writing any code).
  • Offer personalized experiences for each visitor according to location, weather, behavior on-site, traffic source, cart value and more.
  • Use A/B Testing and advanced segmentation to test all your improvement ideas.

To put it briefly, with Omniconvert you’re able to show the right message, at the right time to the right person.

The Omniconvert Features A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a technique used to determine if a specific change made on a webpage can influence conversions in a positive way. It is implemented through the creation of a variation page (page B) whose results are compared with the ones of the original version (page A). The one that performs better in terms of conversions wins the challenge.

The A/B testing feature of Omniconvert CRO Tool offers you:

  • WYSISYG editor
  • Statistical relevance calculator
  • On-click triggering
  • Include multiple pages
  • Stacked tests
  • Split testing
  • Dynamic content
  • Scheduling
  • Set your own goals

Customizable Website Overlay Templates

Overlays used wisely can significantly increase your conversion rate. Omniconvert made it very easy to create your own by choosing from more than 100 fully customizable templates.

Here’s what else you get when you use this feature:

  • Several categories: countdown, discount coupon, download ebook, free delivery, testimonials, subscribe newsletter
  • Flexible placement: ribbon left, ribbon top, ribbon bottom, ribbon right, pop up, bar top, bar bottom
  • 4 types of triggers: on-load, on-scroll, on-click, on-exit
  • Image mapping
  • Custom coding possibilities
  • A/B test between different creatives

Advanced Segmentation Engine

OmniConvert CRO Tool allows you to segment your audience using more than 40 parameters.


Surveys offers valuable insights into what the visitors think about your products and services. You could use surveys to interact with visitors directly, using preset sets of questions at certain points along your funnel.

Guide your potential clients on the site, help them find what they are looking for and even overcome their objections when they occur, like you would if your website was a physical store.

Here’s an example of an objections treatment survey:

With Omniconvert surveys you get:

  • Detailed reporting
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Two placement options: pop-up or widget
  • Use images instead of texts
  • Branching logic setup
  • Lead capture forms
  • Fully editable design
  • Frequency capping
  • Full HTML control

Extra Cool Features

The Conversion Vault

Our Conversion Vault offers a great collection of testing ideas for e-commerce, SaaS, publishing platforms and agencies from top conversion rate optimization experts worldwide

Omni Insights – The Automated CRO Tool for Audit

This tool is meant to help marketers and data analysts save time by automating the process of analysing and extracting relevant insights for the business.

Easy integration with many systems

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Hotjar, Inspectlet, Kissmetrics and Hubspot integration
  • Freshmail, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor integration

Omniconvert IRL

Nothing highlights the performance of a CRO tool better than the case studies with real numbers and results. Here are a few companies who used Omniconvert to increase their conversion rates:

  • Telekom – A/B testing increased leads by 30% from adjusting message copy in a contact form
  • OLX – App downloads increased by 60% for mobile, using a web personalization
  • Avon – A/B testing a hypothesis across 3 countries generated an overall 15.41% uplift in revenue
  • Samsung – An exit personalization increased the revenue by 26% in a two week period
  • Get Maine Lobster – A Survey with objection treatment personalizations created a 51% conversion rate uplift

Does It Offer Support If You Need It?

Omniconvert offers professional support by email and chat for all paid accounts.

How Easy It Is To Start Using Omniconvert?

You can start with a free account to get a feel of the platform and see it in action. The on-boarding process is very easy to follow and you could set up your first experiment in minutes.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Omniconvert. The opinions and ideas expressed herein are author’s own, and in no way reflect Cloudways position.

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