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New Year Treat: Enjoy 20% Off for Six Months

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Like every year, there’s a great deal of discounts on hosting services, but merely savings don’t cut it. Also, honestly, I think all the fun and food comes in the way of discovering the best promo code anyways.

In essence, though, we’re all after that one perfect combination entailing a hefty discount and, and (wait for it) a reliable managed cloud hosting service. A provider that doesn’t compromise on support or performance, no matter what day of the year.

Well, look no further. As we bid farewell to 2017, Cloudways welcomes a brand new year with a discount for all those who want to do it right this time. We present to you an amazing offer for a fresh new start.

Get 20% discount for 6 months on all plans and packages.

It’s never too late to do it right. Cloudways offers reliable, hassle-free and convenient managed cloud hosting for a range of applications. With a user-friendly platform, you not only get convenience, you’re also entitled to free SSL, an optimized stack for ultimate performance and other various benefits such as unlimited staging areas and team collaboration feature.

And most importantly, Cloudways never takes a break (even on New Year’s Eve).

Here’s how you can avail the discount. Simply use the promo code ‘HELLO2018’ when you sign up for an account.

We wish you a happy new year and hope that you would only celebrate this holiday (and not dream too much about the new projects). And when you come back to work on your New Year’s resolution and plans, Cloudways will be here to help make your dreams come true!

Owais Khan :Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.