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Cloudways Integrates Four New Datacenters to Expand Reach Across Asian and American Regions

Updated on December 13, 2021

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Being a customer-centric Managed Cloud Platform, Cloudways has worked hard to make managed cloud hosting a reality for everyone. We consistently work to provide choices on all layers of Cloudways Platform.

As our traditions suggest, Cloudways is always striving hard to facilitate our users with an even better user experience. This time we went a step further with resource provisions for all our users from all around the globe. Keeping our standards in check, Cloudways has proudly integrated 4 new data centers from across the globe.

Tokyo, Japan – Google Compute Engine

Rapidly expanding upon its global footprint, Google Cloud Platform has announced the integration of the Tokyo, Japan region. This integration opens up the option for customers in cities like Tokyo, Sapparo, Nagoya, and Osaka to experience lower latency on their managed cloud servers in the Japan region.

Mumbai, India – Amazon Web Services

On Cloudways, you can now host optimized websites on speedy India-based servers from Amazon Web Services. The provisioning is being done from Mumbai. India is home to some of the biggest technological enterprises, startups, and established organizations. This integration will help Indian startups to scale their business as well as it was help Middle Eastern business with reduced latency.

Oregon, USA – Google Compute Engine

Next up, Google Compute Engine has opened a new datacenter in Oregon, USA. Home to some of the biggest tech giants, United States is a major gateway for most of the technological advancements the world has witnessed. On the other hand, the West Coast has made long strides to prove itself to be a lucrative center for investment. Businesses and store owners can use this or any of the Cloudways USA hosting servers to deploy their projects within minutes.

Singapore – Vultr

Last but not the least, users get a new Vultr location in Singapore. Considering the huge demand and supply gap, this datacenter will cater budding designers, developers, and agencies to prove their metal inside the Asian market. The Singaporean datacenter is ideal from Asian web apps.

These were the newest integration into the Cloudways Platform, however, we have one more data center to announce.

Toronto, Canada – DigitalOcean

Toronto gets an induction to DigitalOcean’s lineup of datacenters. Canada has gathered enough rocks to pave a road of success to technological brilliance. Furthermore, Toronto has been the capital of technology in this region so far. This new addition provides choice to patrons who are looking to host their websites on managed Canadian servers.

Deploy Your Server Now!

These locations add up to the tally of Cloudways datacenters, taking the total count to 41 data center locations.

So, what benefit will these datacenters give to the users?

This integration will be a big help for companies to host their applications and stores on an optimized Hosting Platform. Companies can now garner a number of perks while having a datacenter in their region of interest.

What’s More?

Cloudways has it all. Here are the reasons to choose Cloudways. 150+ more features are waiting to serve you.

These regions are now live and operational, go to Cloudways and deploy your server today

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Danial Khan

Danial is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He primarily looks after the Brand related Content of Cloudways. He likes listening to music, is a foodie and loves to play cricket.


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