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Moodle on the Cloud: Why it Works Better?

Updated on August 6, 2013

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Moodle is the choicest Learning Management System (LMS) for websites offering distance learning programs. The platform powers more than 83,000 sites, and boasts of 70 million+ users and 1.2 million teachers. The numbers are rising, and so is the competition. In this blog, we explore some of the reasons why cloud hosting should appeal Moodlers.


Deal with the Speed

A slow Moodle website can really upset the visitors. And what’s even worse is the experience of long load times during peak hours. Helping out with speed issues with traditional hosting can be difficult. In order to boost performance. Sure, you can use baseline monitoring, tweak MySQL, optimize web servers & memory usage to boost your Moodle performance however, you’d be speding a lot of time doing just that.

Business Needs

With Distance Learning Programs (DLPs) on the rise, building and maintaining a secure and scalable website is no longer an option- it’s the only choice you have. A managed cloud hosting provider can really help out with system administration, backups, servwe and infrastructure monitoring etc. and save you invaluable resources and time.

When the concurrent users cross the 1,000 student benchmark, a traditional hosting solution will probably give you a touch time; the pages load slowly, you get trouble creating enrollments, and Moodle administration becomes a nightmare. A good cloud hosting provider, can ensure continuity and make sure things go along fine and your LMS can scale up and down, as and when required.

The Real Benefit

So what’s the bottom line?

There are many option out there, however your best choice should be a provider that offers great server level support, as well as limited app level support to help you out in the need of the hour. At the end of the day, if you’re spending time designing courses, marketing them and focus on expansion, then you’re all set.  After all, you probably wouldn’t want to worry about things like redundancy centers, load balancers server level caching, would you?

So whether you have hosted your Moodle on Linode, Amazon, ElasticHosts or CloudSigma, Cloudways will be glad to offer you the best managed solution out there. We’ll build a n environment that’s scalable and fail-proof, with virtually the best backup and support services at your disposal.

Learn more about our Managed Moodle Hosting Solutions


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