How To Install Moodle On AWS EC2 (Amazon Cloud)

by Taha Zafar  March 8, 2016

Does education on the cloud seem to be a bit of a new concept? Despite the novelty, this concept is not so new or far from reality. Offering a secure data management system, cloud is becoming the next big overhaul option for the education institutions. We can call it the the next big educational transformation.


Moodle is helping to achieve this by redefining the concept of online learning and education. It is a Learning Management System which is also an open source virtual learning environment offering more than 7.5 million courses with over 1.2 million teachers which are always willing to help you through your learning. Some of the features of Moodle are:

  • Proven and trusted worldwide
  • Designed to support both teaching and learning
  • Very easy to use
  • Open source with no licensing fees
  • Moodle can be opted in your own language
  • All-in-one learning platform
  • Highly flexible and fully customisable
  • Supports a variety of devices – you can use it anytime & anywhere
  • Backed by a strong community

When Moodle is hosted on top of one of the most reliable cloud, Amazon, then swiftness and versatility are a must. However, hosting Moodle on Amazon is a bit tough and you might get lost in the process. What if you had a platform that helps you deploy Moodle on Amazon in just a few clicks? Well, Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting is your platform service.

The Cloudways Platform acts as a catalyst to the merger of Moodle and Amazon, and provides you the ultimate ease to expand multiple Moodle applications, like an online classroom, course material and assessment tool, thus helping in keeping track of students’ progress.

Why Cloudways?

There are other Platforms like Cloudways but the speed, user-friendly console, security and scalability of Cloudways is unparalleled. This ensures that your Moodle site remains live and healthy. Plus, you don’t have to worry about backups, as with our Cloudways Moodle cloud hosting platform you get automated backup and restore tool.

However, to set up your first Moodle app on Amazon Cloud using Cloudways you need to signup and get your credentials verified. After completing that, you can follow this step by step guide on how to set your first Moodle app on Amazon Cloud.

How To Install Moodle On Amazon Cloud

You’ll love how easy it is to install Moodle on the AWS Cloud. Let’s roll!! 🙂

1. Select Your Cloud

Select Amazon from the following options.

AWS EC2 Hosting

2. Select Your Application

Select Moodle application from the list of available applications.

Select Moodle Application

3. Select Server Size

If you are not sure on this one, then let Cloudways help you through this step by selecting “Recommend Me” tab and then selecting your page views/month. Still not sure what to do here? You can always use assistance of 24×7 Live Chat Support.

Recommend Server Size

If you know what server size you need, go to “I know my server size” tab and select accordingly.

Server Size

4. Select Location

Select a suitable location for your server. Select a location nearest to your targeted audience as it helps in good user experience. Keep in mind that price varies according to the location.

Cloud Location

5. Select Bandwidth

Select a bandwidth wisely because price varies with bandwidth increase.

Select Bandwidth

6. Select Storage/Disk Size

Yes you get to choose disk space for your server too. Select a disk size for Application Web Files and Database separately.

Select Storage Size

7. Launch

Check your Pay as you Go plan and then press “Launch”.

Launch Moodle Hosting

Wait a few minutes while your server gets set up for your first use.


Install your Moodle application on top of AWS cloud hosting and forget the hassles of managing your server as Cloudways engineers take care of that for you. Additionally, you can try all this for FREE. Sign up now and avail your 3 day FREE trial on Amazon Web Services and experience how a world class Cloud Platform handles your Moodle application on Amazon.

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