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7 Useful Magento Modules For User Experience Optimization

Updated on March 22, 2017

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I always buy my shoes from a high-end retailer. Though the shoes from there cost me half of my monthly salary, I still like to go there whenever I want shoes. Why? Well, it is because of the experience (and the products are great too!). Whenever I go there, a shopping assistant greets me and asks me if I want a coffee.

Magento User Experience Modules

But, I love online shopping too, and when I am online, I seek a different type of experience. I want the website to load fast. I want it to have a good navigational structure. I want it to be interactive too.

As Magento has become somewhat a de-facto CMS for creating online shops, the shops built on it can provide unique shopping experiences. In this post, I am providing a list of Magento modules that help a web store owner in making a great user experience. The best point is that most of these modules are FREE!

However, before you start implementing anything, make sure you take backups. It is advised that you test these Magento modules on your test server first, instead of the live website. Furthermore, hire a Magento specialist if you are not confident about your skills. One last thing, I do not suggest you put all of these modules. Pick the ones that fit your store the best.

Fooman Speedster

Many will question my intentions as to why did I start the list with a speed optimization module for Magento? Well, there is no use of creating a great user experience unless it is not delivered fast. The function of Fooman Speedster module is simple. It combines, compresses, and caches JavaScript and CSS files. This gives a website faster page load times.

Advanced Breadcrumbs

Advanced Breadcrumbs shows the navigation path of a website (e.g. Home / Mens / Shoes / Product). It tells the customer about the path of the product page. This helps visitors to find similar or different products. This module also has an SEO function. It places rich-snippet attributes on category and product pages. This helps in parsing breadcrumbs for search engines, like Google.

IP (Visitor Location) Based Price

When it comes to pricing, sometimes a single pricing strategy does not fit all. Purchasing power differs from place to place. The IP (Visitor Location) Based Price module for Magento allows you to put different prices for different countries. The module adjusts information after assessing the IP address of a visitor. Once it is installed, the whole activity is handled by the Admin panel. It also makes currency changes which mean you can keep the same prices for an item and show the amount in the local currency of the visitor.

Accordion FAQ

A visitor will not purchase an item unless he or she is not sure about certain things. When it comes to electronic items, information about warranty period and after-sales services are crucial. You need to provide this information in an efficient manner and FAQs are the best way to do it. Using the Accordion FAQ Magento module, you can create automatic pages and links for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your site and your products.

WebsiteAlive – Live Chat

Sometimes FAQs are not enough. Sometimes, your visitors want someone who could answer their questions. In these modern days, people prefer to chat with a sales agent than send an email. The WebsiteAlive – Live Chat module is perhaps the best in such cases. It allows visitors to start a chat (or click-to-call) session with a live sales agent from your shop.


Whenever I am shopping on a website, I tend to click the link which says “On Sale” first. I also keep an eye out for “New” items. Usually, such labels are placed inside the images of the products. This means sooner or later you have to upload new pictures once the sale is over or more unique items arrive. Well, there is a more natural way to do it. Using the Stickers module for Magento, you can put different types of stickers including New, Best Seller, Popular, and Best Sellers without any extra effort.

Tell A Friend

If I like a website, I love to share it with my friends. Using Tell A Friend Magento module, you can always put fields on your store where visitors can recommend items to their friends.

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Saad Durrani

Saad is the Senior Editor at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is a technology enthusiast who loves to blog about emerging technologies and trends. When he is not blogging, he goes to the beach to find inspiration for his fictional stories.

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