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Mageworx Magento 2 Shipping Suite Ultimate [Extension Review]

July 4, 2019

6 Min Read
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Online merchants who operate their stores on Magento 2 might face certain difficulties when they opt to customize shipping methods and set advanced rules for order shipment. The default Magento 2 functionality is limited when it comes to setting complex rules and restrictions and creating shipping carriers and methods with various rates. High shipping costs negatively affect customer purchase decisions, so optimizing shipping procedures becomes one of the main concerns for ecommerce store owners.

Luckily, you can extend the out-of-the-box toolset on your Magento 2 site by installing the appropriate third-party module. Today, I will write about a robust solution built to help online store owners organize the convenient delivery process and manage shipping procedures in the most efficient way – MageWorx Shipping Suite Ultimate for Magento 2

The extension allows users to create highly customized shipping strategies by configuring an unlimited number of shipping carriers and methods. It comes with some conditions to restrict particular shipping options and create rules that are in line with business strategy. Let’s take a look at its features in more detail.

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Customizable Shipping Carriers

Magento 2 offers a list of shipping carriers with related shipping methods that can be classified by the types of delivery, like air, land, sea, and others. However, your delivery strategy might require additional shipping options that are not available with standard carrier companies. At the same time, displaying an extended list of shipping options at the checkout positively affects a customer’s decision on making a purchase.

The Magento 2 shipping extension by MageWorx enables merchants to create custom shipping carriers and modify options of shipping companies available out of the box, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more.  

Customizable Shipping Carriers

Additional Shipping Methods

Standard shipping methods include USPS Express Mail, DHL Flat Rate Box Shipping, UPS ground, DHL Jetline, and others. You can select the one that better fulfills the requirements for shipment to a particular customer. 

The Magento 2 shipping module by MageWorx allows applying shipping methods to any product from your catalog or a group of items. In addition to the Magento 2 shipping per product function, you can set the lowest and highest method price threshold for rates and leverage the Magento 2 multiple flat rate shipping feature. With the Magento 2 shipping label extension, it is also possible to display a shipping method with the lowest rate on the frontend, as well as inform customers about the exact delivery time of their orders with a selected shipping option.

Additional Shipping Methods

Flexible Shipping Rates

With the MageWorx solution, eCommerce store owners can create custom Magento 2 matrix rates and personalize rates for every shipping method. 

Furthermore, the Magento 2 freight shipping extension enables store admins to use flexible conditions based on the various cart, customer, and address attributes, price and quantity ranges, the weight of ordered products, shipping countries and regions, and other parameters for shipping rates. It is also possible to recalculate default shipping pricing by adding fixed or percent surcharges or deducting a specified amount to offer discounts, as well as overwriting initial delivery rate.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Advanced Postal/Zip Codes Validation

To be able to set accurate shipping rates and optimize products delivery depending on a customer’s geographic location, it is also critical to correctly validate zip codes. 

With Shipping Suite Ultimate, you can run advanced postal and zip codes validation for your shipping rules. Thus, in addition to selecting shipping country and regions and specifying zip codes list or range, the Magento 2 module allows grouping postal code elements.

With this particular Magento 2 extension, you get the following features:

  • The shipping suite module supports alphanumeric postcodes 
  • You can use these postcodes, if you have a business footprint in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Canada
  • You can set appropriate zip code format to calculate shipping costs

Advanced Postal/Zip Codes Validation

Extended Shipping Rules and Restrictions

When it comes to modifying shipping rates and conditions available with standard shipping methods, Magento 2 has limited possibilities. With the default version of the platform, it is only possible to set shipment restrictions based on delivery destination or minimum order amount. Hence, the ecommerce merchants may find it difficult  to provide shipping options to their customers, which correspond to their sales strategy. 

If you need to set restrictions for shipment of heavy items, charge extra fees for delivery to distant locations, or disable specific shipping methods due to legal issues, pay attention to MageWorx Shipping Suite. The Magento 2 module enables online store owners to set complex rule conditions based on the product, stock status, extended cart item, customer, and address attributes or their combination. 

After installing the MageWorx extension, you can expand your possibilities related to configuring personalized shipping rates. Also, you will be able to offer free delivery for particular products and optimize shipping charges for shipments to target locations.

Extended Shipping Rules and Restrictions

Location Groups and Shipping Zones Popup

As for location groups you can use in shipping rule conditions, the Shipping Suite Ultimate allows you to create shipping zones for which you want to set specific shipping conditions. This helps you to group countries with common shipping costs, e.g., within the European Union. Moreover, the module helps you to avoid the issues when a website visitor gets wrong information because of a wrong address mentioned in the shipping details form.

The Shipping Suite’s settings allow store admins to create a pop-up with all available shipping countries and regions, add images for each shipping area, and place it on any website page. The Magento 2 module adds a location block to the right corner of a store header, after clicking on which a shipping zones pop-up window appears. This way, you will let customers to quickly and conveniently select their location and avoid errors in the delivery address.

Location Groups and Shipping Zones Popup

Country-Regions Relation

In the default version of Magento 2, there are some location areas with missing regions. This issue concerns even such popular destinations like Italy and the Netherlands. Since the platform doesn’t allow adding new regions to countries listed at the checkout, there is a chance that website visitors will specify the incorrect name of their state or province.

The MageWorx shipping extension helps online store owners cope with this problem by providing the countries by region configuration options. With this feature, you can change the pre-configured list of regions in the country selection, disable them if necessary, and add missing areas.

Country-Regions Relation

Import and Export of Shipping Data

Another useful feature of the Magento 2 advanced shipping module is related to the import/export functionality. The extension provides the ability to import or export a CSV file with the data on shipping carriers, methods, and rates for convenient management of all shipping-related details in the backend. This way, you can import files with relevant info from your other website, assign default and custom rates to selected shipping carriers and methods in bulk, and use required data for analytics on your store.

Import and Export of Shipping Data


MageWorx Shipping Suite Ultimate is a robust Magento extension that provides a comprehensive toolset for modifying Magento 2 shipping options and creating custom shipping, methods, and rates. 

By using advanced shipping conditions available with the module, you can extend your delivery options and restrict specific shipping options as your business strategy requires. Thus, you can streamline shipping management on your web store and provide your clients with more convenient delivery and fair shipping costs. Consequently, you will experience a skyrocketing increase in conversion rates, thereby boosting your profits, and gaining more loyal clients in the long run.

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