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A First Look at Laravel Horizon

July 26, 2017

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The wait for Laravel 5.5 is not over yet but Taylor Otwell has something special for the Laravel Fans.


Taylor Otwell introduced Laravel Horizon in the following tweets.

Taylor Otwell has also published an article on Medium, introducing this brand new product.

What Is Laravel horizon?

Laravel Horizon is an open source software which turbocharges Laravel Redis queues with a beautiful dashboard and code-driven configuration system. The Horizon dashboard is a single page application build using Vue.JS.

The application is designed to provide real-time insights into queue workloads, recent jobs, failed jobs, job retries, throughput and runtime metrics, and process counts.

According to Taylor Otwell:

“I built Horizon to scratch my own itch. I need deep insight into my queue throughput, performance, wait times, failures. And, when a customer has a problem, Horizon allows me to quickly find the job that failed.”

Taylor Otwell – Creator of Laravel

Installing Laravel Horizon

Laravel Horizon’s beta version will be out tomorrow (July 27.2017). It can be downloaded from Laravel Horizon webpage.

Install Horizon directly in your application through the following Composer command:

composer require laravel/horizon

Horizon Authentication

Laravel Horizon dashboard is as safe as your applications. The authentication of this dashboard is controlled by a simple callback registered via Horizon::auth.

Horizon Configuration

Horizon comes with a code-driven configuration, which gives your team opportunity to collaborate easily while dealing with the queues. It allows to set queue schedule, priority, timeout or any other setting with the help of queue:work Artisan command. The configurations are set in the config/horizon.php file and could be executed by the php artisan horizon command.


The auto-balancing feature allows the users to balance the workers across queues. When a queue gets busy, Horizon can intelligently move workers to other queues available at the moment.

Real Time Metrics

Laravel Horizon comes with real time metrics which helps you monitor the runtime performance, job stats, and throughput of the queues.

Tag Monitors

Tag monitors allows you to keep an eye on “tags” associated with jobs, including mailables, broadcasts, notifications and queued listeners. With the help of these tags, you will never loose track of your important queues. You can categories and even search jobs through tag monitors.

Failed Job Management

Horizon provides a clear and detailed interface for reviewing and retrying your failed jobs. You can view the exception stack trace, tags, and recent retries for the job with the help of this feature.


Laravel Horizon has added a huge value to the Laravel ecosystem. A huge thanks to Taylor Otwell, Mohamed Said, David Hemphill, and Steve Schoger for creating such a wonderful tool for the Laravel community. I can’t wait to test Laravel Horizon on Cloudways platform.  I will post a first-look piece that looks into the features of Laravel Horizon in a bit more detail.


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Saquib Rizwan

Saquib is a PHP Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is well versed in PHP and regularly contributes to open source projects. For fun, he enjoys gaming, movies and hanging out with friends. You can email him at

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