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Build an Ecommerce Website with Laravel Aimeos Package

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Laravel is one of my favorite PHP frameworks because it offers the best mix of packages and freedom to implement innovative ideas. In addition, if you run into trouble, you could always depend upon the global Laravel community In today’s article, I will highlight an awesome ecommerce package known as Aimeos and create an ecommerce website in Laravel using this package.

Introducing Aimeos

Laravel Aimeos is the open source package for Laravel 5+, allowing the developers to setup a fully functional ecommerce store that supports 100000+ products. Developers could further customize the store to the unique specifications of the user. So let’s give it a try!

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Before proceeding further, here are the prerequisites for Laravel Aimeos:

  1. Linux/Unix or WAMP/XAMPP environment
  2. PHP >= 7.0.4
  3. MySQL >= 5.1
  4. Web server (Apache, NGINX or integrated PHP web server for testing)
  5. If required, PHP extensions. However, Composer will take care of the missing dependencies.

I have used Cloudways host Laravel on a managed server. Cloudways offers a great devstack integrated in its platform and allows me to work freely without distracting my attention to any server level issue. You can also try out Cloudways for free by signing up for an account.


Now that I have everything, go to the Cloudways platform, and launch the SSH terminal. Once it is up, go to the root of your application with the following commands.

cd applications

cd <yourapplicationname>/public_html

Now that you are in your application folder, type following command to install Laravel Aimeos package:

composer create-project aimeos/aimeos myshop

Now sit back because this might take a while. Once all the files and dependencies are installed, you will be prompted to setup the .env file. Fill in the database information and the email address from which the email would be sent. To find the database credentials, go to the Applications tab of the Cloudways platform and gather the credentials from there.

This is the end of the installation process.

Setup Webroot

In the left menu of the Applications tab, go to Application Settings and edit the webroot’s URL to myshop/public, and click Save.

Now go to the Application Detail and launch the website.

Once the page loads, you will see the online store ready to use. To further customize the store, refer to the Aimeos documentation.

To Wrap up

Aimeos is a great package for setting up a functional ecommerce website in Laravel quickly. Once the store is up, you could further customize it by consulting the official documentation. Once the store is up, use Laravel Blade template for setting up the frontend of the store. This package adds a new dimension to the use cases of Laravel. If you need help in setting up the package, do leave a comment below.

Saquib Rizwan :Saquib is a PHP Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is well versed in PHP and regularly contributes to open source projects. For fun, he enjoys gaming, movies and hanging out with friends. You can email him at saquib.rizwan@cloudways.com