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Benchmarking the Laravel Ecommerce App With Live Performance Results

January 4, 2019

5 Min Read
Laravel Ecommerce benchmark
Reading Time: 5 minutes

The ecommerce sector is quickly gaining heavy-ground in the financial market of the world. It is largely making its influence on marketing, retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors. The global ecommerce industry boasts more than $22.1 trillion financial market share according to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

In order to make ecommerce applications run flawlessly over the web, organizations must choose the best hosting platforms for their applications.

One of the main reasons that contribute to ecommerce application failures relates to the selection of bad hosting platform. It mars your application’s performance and reduces its loading speed drastically. Developers can avoid these failures by implementing dedicated test cases as it helps to check the usability of the application, friendliness and ensuring bug-free execution.

Also, you need to maintain the quality standards of your application by keeping in check the Quality Assurance Graph of your final ecommerce product.

Tools That Optimize Laravel Based Ecommerce Stores

Getting flawless web speed for ecommerce stores is a dream for every store owner. But that requires some proficiency in technical knowledge to deliver the best. Developers with good knowledge of professional ecommerce stores can certainly do the job for you, but still there is always some room left for the app optimization. The store owners can deal with few handy tools that help them optimize web apps with efficient speed and fast performance.

Today, there are many tools available that help you optimizing Laravel based online stores. I have listed here few of them to give you insight about their cores and optimized performance they bring in when integrated with a Laravel ecommerce store.

PHP-FPM: PHP-FPM is one of the most commonly used tool for optimizing PHP apps’ speed. Being a developer, you can easily integrate it with Laravel based apps to speed up the performance. Moreover, it comes pre-configured with Cloudways Thunderstack.

Redis: If you are looking for something that can lessen your app’s cache loading hassles, Redis is surely the choice for you. It’s a great tool to minimize cache loading time of the apps and is also easy to integrate with Laravel based apps. Cloudways provides pre-installed Redis on Thunderstack, and you can easily enable / disable it from the stack with just one click.

CDN: Content Delivery Network (CDN) is also a vital component for increasing web apps’ speed, as it provides fast data transmission to and from the relevant servers. Making the response time fast is what the basic purpose of CDN is, as reaching out to the wider audience requires speedy content delivery. On Cloudways, you can use its built-in CloudwaysCDN that helps you get the ultimate data transmission speed which your app needs.

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate the benchmarking for Laravel ecommerce application with 100+ products on Cloudways Laravel server.

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In this example, the chosen ecommerce websites share a common theme and structure, e.g:

  1. Homepage with Products
  2. Search Results Page
  3. Product Details Page (The product page consists of options such as product size, color, and type. There is sorting feature to filter out products based on price, model, size, etc. There is also “Add to Cart” or “Add to Wishlist” feature present in the category pages.)
  4. Order Form Page (Products list view, removing product from the list, cash on delivery option, Select delivery option, card payment, pay now option, etc.)
  5. Order Confirmation Page
  6. Login Form Page and Accounts Page

Performance Evaluation with Thunderstack

Cloudways offers a dedicated stack of resources on its platform called “Thunderstack”. It has got all the necessary tools that you require for performance optimization such as Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, Redis and others. It helps applications get significant performance boost in both run-time and debug operations.

Varnish and Redis particularly make the app load time much faster. That is why Cloudways  provides one-click enabling of both these services on its platform, providing users the ease to manage these resource through Thunderstack.

Apache Benchmarking

First, I will use Apache testing tool to check the response time and request for the application. The output that you see below, shows the time taken for the test which is 198.508 seconds and requests per second: 5.04.

Website Home-Page with Products

By using the apache benchmark you can check the below results.

Load Impact

Load impact is a well-known load and performance testing service that allows you to test web applications, mobile apps and APIs over the internet. It shows right statistics and accurate insights, that is why it is a high-on-demand service that developers recommend.

Web Page Test

The following result shows some performance stats of the web page based on different metrics. The web page test shows the document load time of 3.377 seconds, which is quite fast. While the page’s total load timespan stands at 4.429 seconds. The speed index shows the result of 2.950 seconds while the time it took to start rendering was just 1.900 seconds.

Here is the screen shot which briefs all the web page test results:  

Performance Test for Registration Page

The performance test for registration page also shows some positive speed results. The document load time is approximately 1.956 seconds, while the time it took to load completely is around 3.147 seconds. The speed index for the registration page is 1.511 seconds, while the total time to render is approximately 1.500 seconds.

Here is the detailed screenshot:


In this article, I have demonstrated the performance benchmarks of a Laravel ecommerce application with the 100+ products on Cloudways, giving the right performance insights of the app. Because it is necessary to keep in check the performance graph of the application in order to get its quality among the others high.

If you still have any further queries regarding this article, or want to contribute your thoughts on the topic, feel free to leave your comments below.

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