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Relive The Awesomeness of Laracon Online 2018

Updated on February 21, 2018

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Laracon Online 2018 was the biggest Laravel event in 2018. The event saw over 4300 attendees and more joined in through chat and other options. It was well organized and the talks were diverse, informative and very relevant to the real-world Laravel development. The event featured great activities including Mingle-in Chat, Digital Swag, and Live Streaming.

laracon online 2018

Mingle-in Chat

One of the best features of this year’s Laracon Online was the use of Discourse forum as the official chat channel for the event. It made the event very interactive and added a lot to the lively discussions among the attendees. The best part is the management will keep the forum alive for the entire year. This means that the attendees would be able to revisit the conversations to refresh their ideas without any issues. The forum was categorized into five sections:

Introduction: This sole aim of this category was to help the attendees get to know each other and set up connections that would help them in their projects.

Discussions: This category was available in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, French). This meant that the attendees could carry out very involved discussion without worrying about language barriers.

Conference Info: This simple category was about news and announcements of the event.

Show and Tell: In this category, the attendees can share and their projects and products. By the end of the event, there were about 80+ posts in this category!

Speaker Question: This category was dedicated to the talks related questions. Here attendees could directly pitch questions to the speakers.

Digital Swag

Digital Swag was a special treasure box that included great deals from the Laracon sponsors. Here’s a shout out to the sponsors for such an amazing event.

  • Linode
  • LaraJobs
  • LaraTalent
  • Laravel News
  • Nexmo
  • Blackfire
  • Laravel Certification
  • Laravel SHift
  • Laravel Forge
  • Discourse
  • Shipping Docker

Live Streaming

The live streaming event was one big webinar where all the great names in the Laravel community delivered live talks. The session was hosted on

Ian Landsman did a great job of conducting the session and added a lot of humor to the session. The live streaming session included talks by the following Influencers.

Adam Wathan on Advanced Vue Component Design

The first talk was delivered by Adam Wathan. It was a great session on the importance of Scoped Slots in VueJS.  In the session, he showed the live demo of a thread for creating a discussion in which two different interfaces of tags that were actually working as the same component thanks to the flexibility of scoped slots.

Steve Schoger on The Little Details of UI Design

The next talk by Steve Schoger was the one designers enjoyed the most. In this session, Steve Schoger gave a live demo about improving the design of a fictional social media website.

Taylor Otwell on Laravel 5.6 and Spark 6

The next talk was from the creator of Laravel himself. He demonstrated the new features of Laravel 5.6 (also discussed in my previous article about what’s new in Laravel 5.6).

Chris Fidao – Scaling Laravel

Chris Fidao, in his very interesting session, demonstrated amazing tips and tricks to scale up the performance of Laravel applications and servers. He also highlighted his website: Servers For Hackers.

Wes Bos on The Future of Javascript

Wes Bos delivered an amazing talk in which he defined the importance and usage of Promise in JS. The session was impressive and Bos added a lot of color to it.

Jonathan Reinink on Advanced Querying with Eloquent

Jonathan Reninik, in his session, demonstrated amazing examples of optimizing database queries and their effect on the page load time. The examples were great with lots of tips for optimizing DB queries. Some ideas in the session such as Eager Loading overlapped with the talk of Chris Fidao.

Sandi Metz  on You Are Insufficiently Persuasive

After so many technical talks, Sandi Metz delivered a motivational talk on You Are Insufficiently Persuasive. In the session, she explains the causes of developers unhappiness.

Matt Stauffer on Laravel for fun and profit

A very different and motivation talk was delivered by Matt Stauffer. He discussed the reasons of why we should become developers, why we should be problem solvers, why we should care LESS about the Profit and more about the Cause. I think the greatest line in the whole session was:

” I can do that, I am a programmer “

Final Words

I attended my first Laracon Online, and I must say, I really enjoyed the experience. It was an amazing experience to participate in the event alongside the global Laravel community. I learned a lot from the sessions and networked with several amazing people.

I would like to thank all the Organizers, Speakers, Sponsors and the Attendees of Laracon Online for such an amazing event.

Cloudways is giving $30 free credit to all Laracon users on promo code: Laracon18. So if you are a Laravel lover, come host your apps with us.

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Saquib Rizwan

Saquib is a PHP Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is well versed in PHP and regularly contributes to open source projects. For fun, he enjoys gaming, movies and hanging out with friends. You can email him at

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