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Is having a Dedicated IP Address really necessary for SEO/SERP ranking?

Updated on  9th May

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SEO SEPRS and Dedicated IP Address

There is a debate going on for the past few years over the issue of whether having a dedicated IP address helps boosting the SEO rankings. Some claims that it does, while other negates the argument. There are different viewpoints to this topic as various factors are associated with it. In order to understand, whether there is a relationship between a dedicated IP address and SEO/SERP Let us have a look at some points that will make the picture clearer.

What is a dedicated IP?

IP addresses are of two types: virtual and dedicated. A virtual IP address is basically a shared IP hosting numerous websites simultaneously. On the other hand, a dedicated IP is specifically assigned to a single website and it’s not shared with any other website whatsoever.

Benefits of Having a dedicated IP

There are some benefits of having a dedicated IP instead of a shared virtual IP. These benefits are discussed below:

1# – It’s Safe

Having so many sites on a single IP may turn out to be disastrous for all in case of one being flagged as spam. This is due to the fact that all the sites are somehow connected to each other as they are running over a single pool. If a spamming activity is observed by Google on a particular site, the action taken against that site would potentially harm the other sites as well. It can be exemplified as you rent out an apartment where you get peaceful and quite neighbors around. But as the time passes, these neighbors may turn out to be the worst ones making your survival difficult.

2# – Improves speed and user experience

Thousands of sites shared on a single IP affects the speed of loading web-pages due to massive load on the shared server. This will make the visitors navigate quickly to other sites when their desired page does not load quickly. Therefore, in order to stay alive, dedicated IP helps a website to have its pages loaded quickly.

Dedicated IP address and SEO/SERP – What’s the relation?

The benefits mentioned above are not directly associated with the SEO/SERP. These are only some features that may help you run a trustworthy and secure website. If you search over the internet, you can find several articles and blogs carrying numerous arguments that are actually an attempt to prove the relationship between a dedicated IP address and SEO/SERP. But not relying on any one, let’s have a look at what Google has to say about this relation (often termed as a ‘myth’).

Google itself signifies that a dedicated IP has got nothing to do with your SEO rankings. That’s why this expense is not beneficial for SEO. Another very clear answer to this question was answered by Craig Silverstein in 2003, who at that time owned the post of Director of Technology at Google. He said that Google does not discriminate between virtually hosted domains and dedicated IP domains. According to him, if the virtual hosting is done correctly by your ISP, there is no reason that the two cases are treated differently. These words should be the point of end to the on-going debate since so long. But surprisingly, the debate is still on.

On witnessing the debate going nowhere among the SEO experts, an official of Google, Matt Cutts came up with a blog in 2006 to clarify the misconception prevailing among the tech-world. In his blog, he quoted: “There is no PageRank difference whatsoever between these two cases (virtual hosting vs. a dedicated IP).” Matt Cutts is still leading the webspam team at Google.

Factors affecting SEO/SRP

To make things more crystal clear, we must review the actual factors that affect the SEO/SERP. High quality content is a must for a web page to be ranked higher in the search lists. Content should be unique and should be like something that users want to use or read. The website must be organized and managed properly. Content like pictures and videos add the desirability of the page. These factors along with continuous efforts will take the website to the higher ranks among the searches.

Final Word

As we are provided with enough evidences from the officials of Google itself, one should not think any further about any kind of relation between a dedicated IP address and SEO/SERP. Although we cannot deny the benefits one may have from a dedicated IP, but the misconception must be removed from the minds about the myth discussed in this blog.


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Mehdi KaramAli

Mehdi KaramAli worked as a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. Apart from exploring new trends in the cloud, he keenly follows startups and is passionate about mountaineering.

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