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Marcelo Amorim Shows How Individuals Can Help in the Growth of Magento

Updated on May 10, 2017

4 Min Read

With 8 years of experience under his armour, Marcelo is one of the pioneers of Magento Brazil. He not only helped build the Magento landscape in Brazil, but also runs the biggest Magento community in brazil and is the a part of the founding team of Meet Magento Brazil.


In this interview, Marcelo talks in details about his personal interests and what great feature Magento 2 brings for the merchants. “The main purpose of the Magento Community Brazil is to share knowledge and collaborate propel the growth of Magento in Brazil.” He also shared with us that he is a huge fan of Football and supports Corinthians, the 2015 Brazilian Champs. Read the whole conversation to learn about how individuals from the community are helping Magento grow. I hope the readers would love this candid interview.

Cloudways: Marcelo, you’ve been involved with Magento for quite a long period of time. What challenges did you face initially? How did your career start?

Marcelo: We started working with Magento since 2008 and the Magento Community in Brazil was founded in 2009. In the start, it was very difficult as there was little information about Magento in Portuguese / Brazil, the package translation Portuguese / Brazil  was incomplete and had few choices of modules, templates and integrators in the market.

Along with that, there were only a few professionals and agencies specialized in Magento in Brazil so we could only exchange and disseminate a certain amount of knowledge.

Cloudways: Marcelo, you run the largest  Magento community in Brazil. What challenges did you guys face in maintaining the community? What is the reason behind starting Comunidade Magento? Share some interesting memories from the nascent period of Comunidade Magento with our readers 🙂

Marcelo: The main challenge was to unite people interested in helping and sharing knowledge. The main purpose of the Magento Community Brazil is to share knowledge, collaborating

to the growth of Magento in Brazil. The Magento Community Brazil is the main source of information about Magento in Brazil, unifying relevant content written by leading Brazilian Magento developers.

We intend to implement many new features in the Magento Community Brazil in 2016 focused on disseminating and sharing knowledge on Magento 2 .

Cloudways: With the release of Magento 2.0 in beta, there is a lot of debate going on about the compatibility of web shops with the new version. What would be your recommendations for those e-merchants looking to upgrade from 1.x to the new version?

Marcelo: Our recommendations at the time are for developers modules, templates and integrators. We need to evangelize developers before the e-merchants, therefore, the market would be ready to meet the migration to Magento 2 satisfactorily, ensuring the merchant during the migration process, with continuity of the main existing features in version 1 of Magento.

Cloudways: What features would like to see in Magento 2 or what are your expectations of Magento 2? Magento 2 beta is now on the market. How do you see Magento in the coming years?

Marcelo: I would like to see the feature of B2B Marketplaces in Magento 2. The Magento 2 is the next revolution in world commerce, developed with the latest technologies, best methodologies and practices. We consider Magento 2 to be a work of art of engineering software.

Cloudways: Marcelo, you work with the Meet Magento team in Brazil. What were the biggest challenges you guys faced? What response did you see in Meet Magento Brazil from the Magento Community? Share some best moments of Meet Magento Meet Magento Brazil with our audience :).

Marcelo: The Magento Community Brazil helped in organizing the first Meet Magento Brazil, collaborating with the organizers Thomaz Goletz, Thomas Fleck, Annemarie Hache and Carlos Hix.

We try every year to spread the Meet Magento event in Brazil because we know the importance of this type of event for Magento growth in Brazil, forming the best professionals and agencies specialized in Magento.

We would like to take this space to thank all the organizers of the Meet Magento, helping to spread the name in Brazil for the sake of its growth and recognition.

Cloudways: In your opinion, what are the advantages of attending Meet Magento conference for newbies who want to involve themselves more and more in the Magento Community?

Marcelo: Learn from the best Magento professionals from Brazil and abroad. Attendees know about the best practices focused on maximizing sales and personally meet other professionals of Magento, contributing to the exchange of experiences.

Cloudways: Let’s put Magento aside and talk about your interests. How do you spend your time besides work? Which sports do you like to watch :)? Which place do you frequently visit, are you a traveller guy?

Marcelo: I am fanatical about soccer and fan of Corinthians, Brazilian champion 2015. I am a Muay Thai practitioner, collaborating on my physical and mental performance, due to the high volume of exercises practiced in this fascinating martial art, helping in concentration, focus and persistence.

Cloudways: Everyone has some inspiration behind their success. Name some people from the Magento Community who have inspired you the most?

Marcelo: Ben Marks, Alan Kent, Marius Strajeru, Frabrizio Branca, Alan Storm, Mark Shust, Mathias Zeis and all team Magento, Inchoo and Firebear Studio. I apologize if I have forgotten to mention someone on that list because I follow many Magento developers at Twitter.

Cloudways: Cloudways provides 1-click Magento installation with fabulous speed of your cloud server on our platform. I would highly appreciate it if you can provide some suggestions or feedback about the platform. Don’t hesitate to share your opinions of Cloudways for Magento hosting!

Marcelo: The technology and technical support of Cloudways is fascinating with excellent costs x benefits. The possibility of choice from DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon and Google Cloud and the possibility to host multiple domains and applications on the same server is amazing and is extremely advantageous.

We intend to strengthen our relationship with Cloudways collaborating in spreading the Cloudways hosting service for Magento 2. Let’s join forces, highlighting the advantages and viability of Magento 2 in the scenario of global e-commerce. I wish you all Magento developers a lot of work in 2016 with Magento 2.

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