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Integrate Bitcoin Payment in Magento Using Bitpay

Updated on  6th June

4 Min Read
Reading Time: 4 minutes

In this modern world, the trend of relying on ecommerce for retail therapy is increasing. With online shopping, we save our time as well our energy. Everyone who uses ecommerce for shopping likes smooth, user-friendly stores and one of the most important things for any ecommerce store is offering different payment methods. Merchants are trying to give choice to their customers by letting them select a suitable payment method.

Magento Bitcoin Integration

There are many ways to build an ecommerce store but as I mentioned above, for ecommerce, platform merchants and developers choose a fully compatible platform. Magento is one of the most popular, powerful and fully compatible platforms. It allows us to integrate any changes and integrates third party payment methods. Nowadays, Bitcoin is one of the most trending payment methods, and many merchants want it in their ecommerce store. Bitcoin is an advanced recourse and payment system, and this open source payment system was launched in 2009. It is a peer-to-peer system and transactions between users directly without any mediator.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to integrate Bitcoin with your Magento 1 store.

Let’s start!

Integration of Bitcoin in Magento

In this tutorial, I will use Magento’s extension to use Bitcoin. There are many products available in the market. However, I found the extension for Bitcoin by BitPay Inc. to be one of the finest free services. You can get this extension from Magento Connect.


For integration of Bitcoin with your Magento store, you need to install this extension on your Magento store. For installation of BitPay, follow these steps:

First login to your Magento admin and go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager

Magento Connect Manager

Enter your Magento’s admin username and password for Magento Connect and then you can see the screen like below image.

Magento Connect Manager Screenshot

Go to Magento Connect and login with your Magento Connect username password, and click on the “Install Now” Button and this will provide you “Magento Connect’s Secure Key.”

Magento Connect Secure Key

Copy this key from Magento Connect and use it on your Magento Connect Manager and click on the install button.

Install Magento Connect Manager

Note: I recommend creating your database backup before installing this extension.

After successful installation, go back to you Magento admin and clear cache of your Magento store. Then go to System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods. Under Payment Methods, you can see Bitpay.

Payment Methods

You will need to create a pairing code for using your BitPay merchant account. Click on the “Add New Token” as shown in the image below.

API Tokens

After clicking on “Add New Token” button, it will show the option to make pairing code.

Add new Token

When you have a Pairing Code, put the code in the Pairing Code field. Pairing codes are only valid for a short time, you can simply make another one when it expires.

Pairing Code

When you have a Pairing Code, put the code in the Pairing Code field. Pairing codes are only valid for a short time, you can simply make another one when it expires.

Final Thoughts

When you enable it, your customers have the option to pay with Bitcoins. At the time of checkout, they will be redirected to a full-screen Bitpay invoice to pay for their order. With this tutorial, merchants can provide their customers an attractive payment option. Feel free to leave a question or suggestion in the comment section below.

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