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How to Install WordPress Multisite on Linode

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A WordPress Multisite Network allows you to create multiple sites with the same user interface, without having to worry every time questions of hosting, since it remains the same for all. After some simple recommendations, you will see how to install WordPress Multisite on Linode cloud hosting.

Before setting up a CMS with this type of operation, it is useful to delineate the purpose of the multisite project. Indeed, if you want to vary some features of your site (different templates or different content according to users) without sharing its administration, it is possible to find more suitable solutions, often simpler and lighter than a multisite.

If you’ve ever been in the unenviable position of managing multiple WordPress websites, you probably understand how such a feature can help you. Let’s talk about some of the reasons why WordPress Multisite Network is so useful for managing multiple WordPress website:

  • You can do almost anything from a single dashboard.
  • You can publish new content on your websites.
  • It allows you to manage themes and plugins for the entire network.
  • User management across the network is simplified.
  • WordPress updates are easier to manage.

Why Choose WordPress Multisite Linode Cloud Server from Cloudways?

This is a perfectly legitimate question!

Simply because Cloudways offer services specifically designed for the 1-click launch of Linode cloud server and it will thus allow WordPress Multisite to be more efficient. Users no need to download the .zip folder and proceed to the installation on the servers of their existing host.

Automatic Updates

WordPress updates are important to reduce security vulnerabilities, improve features of CMS and ensure compatibility with plugins. Do not worry anymore! Cloudways automatically notifies website admin to install WordPress updates.

Improved Load Times

During the installation of WordPress Multisite, Cloudways also installs its free WordPress cache plugin that will significantly improve the loading speed of the site.

Free Migration

Cloudways offers one migration of your WordPress site free of charge, however, you can also use Cloudways Migrator Plugin to migrate WordPress websites as many times as you want.

Without further ado, let’s install WordPress Multisite on Linode cloud servers!

Install WordPress Multisite on Linode

First, sign up with Cloudways Platform by completing the simple form and click START FREE button or if you have already signed up then log in to your account.

Now verify your email to complete the signup process.

Wait for few seconds, then click on LAUNCH NOW button to complete the signup process.

After successful signup, click + Add Server button to launch WordPress Multisite on Linode cloud server located in Newark.


  • Select WordPress Multisite
  • Name Your Application
  • Name Your Managed Server
  • Select Your Project
  • Choose LINODE as cloud infrastructure
  • Select SERVER SIZE (I chose a 1GB server)
  • Select LOCATION (I chose Newark)

Note: For the launching purpose, I am naming my managed server, the app and the project as My WP Multisite. However, you are free to choose different names. This will not affect this tutorial.

After entering the server and application details, click LAUNCH NOW button.

Now, wait till the server is ready!

Once the server is ready, go to the platform and click Applications in the top-left menu then tap on WordPress app.

Use ACCESS DETAILS > ADMIN PANEL to get into the Dashboard of WordPress staging site:

  1. Click URL
  2. Copy and Enter Username
  3. Copy and Enter Password

That’s all! Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress Multisite on Linode cloud server. Now you just have to point your domain and add SSL certificates to WordPress Multisite network.


WordPress Multisite is a powerful tool that can help you manage multiple sites with ease. Being in charge of several WordPress sites is a lot of work. However, Multisite can make your life easier by streamlining many of your management tasks. In addition, you will approach them all from a single dashboard, which makes the process much less painful.

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