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How To Install Moodle On Google Cloud

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Google Cloud provides a highly stable and secure cloud computing platform for users wanting to create content on the open source platform, Moodle. The two make a perfect combination, guaranteeing interactive and collaborative content with ultimate performance.

However, manually installing Moodle on Google Cloud can be daunting. Without the necessary resources and expertise, you risk spending significant time. Alternatively, Moodle cloud managed hosting on Google platform might be the easiest route.

You can install Moodle on Google Cloud in just a few clicks and let Cloudways take care of the entire process.

Host Moodle on Google Cloud Via Cloudways

Cloudways offers convenience with its interactive and user-friendly platform that performs a variety of complex processes with the 1-Click function. Make the most of Moodle cloud hosting with Cloudways, where you don’t even need technical expertise to install the app on Google Cloud.

It not only saves time, the platform gives you a variety of built-in features and the convenience to monitor your server and app easily. Some of the prominent benefits include:

  • 1-Click Installations
  • Optimized Servers with Cloudways ThunderStack
  • CloudwaysCDN
  • Advance Caching For Moodle
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Unlimited Staging Areas
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Automated Scheduled and On Demand Backups
  • Git Client, SSL, SSH, Cron Job Managers

Installing Moodle on Google Cloud in Simple Steps

Installing Moodle on Google Cloud with Cloudways is a matter of a few minutes and you don’t need to wait for system configurations. You can even try out the platform and test out the features for free with the 3-day trial. Simply sign up on the platform and follow these steps.

Select Moodle

After signing up, select Moodle from the application and server section within the platform. Also, name your managed app and server and select a project.

Select Google Cloud

Select your desired infrastructure provider, Google Cloud in this case.

Select Server Size, Bandwidth and Storage

Now you’ll be required to select the details of your server: size, bandwidth, and storage. You can always scale the server later.

Select Your Server Location

Finally, select the data center for you Moodle Cloud hosting. It is recommended to select a server location that is close to your audience.

Hit the “Launch Now” button after filling out the necessary details and your Moodle app on Google Cloud will be ready in a few minutes.

It was that easy!

Interestingly, everything on Cloudways is simple, convenient and easy. Cloudways gives you a user-friendly, reliable and stable platform. At the same time, you get 24/7 live human support, any day of the year and advanced cache technologies. Also, you have the option to choose from Amazon Web Server, DigitalOcean, Kyup, Vultr, Google Cloud or Linode.

So, at the end, it’s not just better speed and optimized performance, you have the peace of mind and the freedom of choice.


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