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How to Install Laravel on Amazon Cloud (AWS EC2)

PHP is one of the most resourceful server-side languages for scripting. PHP, when used with Laravel, gives a truly fulfilling, enjoyable and creative experience for the web developers. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of web development by easing simple tasks used in the majority of web projects, like authentication, sessions, routing, and caching. Moreover, you get a handy dependency manager that lets you access multiple methodologies for relational databases and utilities.

Amazon Web Service is one of the most popular choices among the most seasoned PHP developers for deploying a Laravel based application. However, technical aspects of web applications are not so easy for a person who is not highly tech-savvy. Everyone would love to quickly deploy a perfectly capable and easy to install Laravel PHP app on the AWS cloud infrastructure. An interesting fact to note is that having a managed host provider helps you not only with hassle free web hosting, but also enables you to focus on building awesome websites.

With that being said, Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform is an ultimate solution for design agencies and developers which helps in saving your time and resources for the things that really matters like, marketing and running your online business.

Just for setting up a server on the Amazon infrastructure requires a decent amount of server-side technical knowledge. But Cloudways makes this a walk in the park, let me show you how easy it is to deploy a Laravel PHP app on Amazon Cloud hosting through the Cloudways Platform following these steps:

  1. Selecting an application
  2. Selecting a server
  3. Selecting server size
  4. Selecting server bandwidth
  5. Selecting server storage sizes
  6. Selecting server location
  7. Launching application

Let’s get started.

How to Install Laravel PHP on AWS

Step 1: Selecting Application

Sign up for a Cloudways Account. After the sign up, you will be taken to the Console. From the application dropdown, choose Laravel from the list of available applications.

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Name your application, server and select the project from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Selecting AWS as Server Provider

Select AWS from the available list of infrastructure providers.

Step 3: Selecting Server Size

Select appropriate server-sizes

Step 4: Selecting Server Bandwidth

Select expected bandwidth usage for your Laravel powered website.

Step 5: Selecting Server Storage Sizes

Next, select the appropriate storage sizes for the database and application files separately.

Step 6: Selecting Server Location

Select the server location. This choice affects server latency so choose the location closest to your target audience in order to provide the best experience to the visitors.

Step 7: Launching a Server

Check the cost of the server and then click the Launch Server button to complete the setup.

Voilà!! You have a new managed cloud server optimized for Laravel PHP in no time.

Why Cloudways?

Laravel PHP on Amazon Cloud infrastructure on the Cloudways Platform takes advantage of the optimized stack which consists of Nginx, Varnish, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Moreover, advanced packages can also be added without any extra configuration whenever you enable them from the interface like Redis cache and ElasticSearch.

Unlike other cloud hosting platforms, Cloudways lets you monitor over 15 important metrics in graphical form, to keep you aware of how your server is performing.

The cloud servers on Cloudways come with managed security. Which means you get hassle-free security for your server. The Platform is protected by a multi-layered security management which also comes with a strong firewall. And what about security updates on your Laravel PHP cloud server, you ask? Well, they are applied regularly on both the OS and firmware. Moreover, backups are also managed and they are kept on an off-site location.

SFTP/SSH access and Team Management Module are also available on the Cloudways Console, which lets you choose server and app access levels for your team. Developers will be captivated by the ease of integration with Git. They can also benefit from unlimited staging URLs for development purposes.

And the best feature is our customer support, which is stupendous. You can have a look at more features or you can always ask our 24/7/365 Live Chat Support Team to guide you. Just experience the console yourself and start your free trial on the Cloudways Managed Laravel Cloud Hosting Platform today!

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