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How To Use WP-CLI To Manage Your WordPress Website

October 15, 2014

4 Min Read
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Every day, we sit down and think what would be the best for our clients? What new features would they like to see? What changes should we make to the current features so they become easier for our clients to use?

However, we can never be right unless our clients help us out. This is why we have a Uservoice feedback page where we encourage everyone to suggest the features that they want to see in our Cloud Platform.

A lot of our clients use WordPress, so as a treat for them, we have added WP-CLI by default in our SSH terminal. WP-CLI has a unique command-line interface that has greatly improved the way you install, manage, update and move your WordPress site from another server to Cloudways. This tool will be highly appealing to our command-line geeks.

So, how do you use WP-CLI on Cloudways?

With every application you get a SSH terminal, that you can access through the “Application Management” tab by clicking on the “Launch SSH Terminal” button.

Your browser will give a security warning because we are using self-signed certificates. Just add an exception and continue to use SSH terminal.

You will need to insert the login credentials found under the SFTP section in the “Application Management” tab.


The easiest way to login is to copy and paste the credentials into the space provided. Right-click on the system to paste the username and password.

Some basic commands of WP-CLI

Type wp and hit Enter. The system will list all the commands supported to manage the WordPress website through WP-CLI.

To get further details about the command and its subcommands, type:

wp help <command name>

For example, to get more sub-commands for managing plugins, you should type:

wp help plugin

Wp Help Plugin

Installing a plugin through WP-CLI

Plugin installation through the command line is almost instantaneous on your WordPress websites. As latest plugins are installed directly from the WordPress repository, you won’t need to login to your WordPress admin and go through the usual plugin installation process.

To install a plugin, type the following command.

wp plugin install [plugin name]

E.g. to install WooCommerce, type:

wp plugin install woocommerce

It will only take a few moments to install the plugin.


Managing themes using WP-CLI

Installation and theme activation process is really easy. You can also check and delete themes through WPCLI as well.

Type the command wp theme to get the basic subcommands to be used.

To install a theme, let’s say “Twenty Ten”, use the following command:

wp theme install twentyten

The system will generate notification about the installation in progress. To activate the theme, type:

wp theme activate twentyten

Your WordPress website’s theme will be changed to Twenty Ten.


Updating WordPress core

To check the WordPress core, just use the following command.

wp core version

It will return the core version of your WordPress site.

To update the core, type:

wp core update

The core of your WordPress site will be updated to the latest version that is available at

WP-Core update

Performing operations on a WordPress network (Multisite Installations)

If you are a web agency with lots of clients then WP-CLI is the quickest method to update all your WordPress Multisite websites.

To execute a command on Multisite WordPress, you will need to mention the URL of the website in the network using the –url command.

wp theme status –

For a complete list of commands, visit their official website.

Manage WordPress website easily on Cloudways

With the introduction of WP-CLI, you can maintain your WordPress websites and Multisite networks on the Cloudways WordPress cloud servers easily. We think all the agencies and developers who are big fans of WordPress would love to use this feature. If you want to suggest more features, do let us know on our Feedback page. If you are visiting us for the very first time, then start a free trial from the banner below.

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Ahsan Parwez

Ahsan is the Community Team Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves to solve problems and help Cloudways' clients in any aspect he can. In his free time, you can find him playing RTS PC games.

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