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How to deploy Drupal Websites on Google Compute Engine

Updated on  19th January

4 Min Read
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your website can be a cumbersome task, especially in an age where cloud resources have become commodities and innovation is the key to gaining the desired market share.

Google—using the same infrastructure in place for Search, Gmail, and Youtube—came up with another strong proposition in the form of Google Compute Engine (GCE).

GCE is a reliable platform for creating a web project on your preferred content management system, but launching a complex system with large content capabilities requires expertise. If you are unfamiliar with basic development knowledge, then deploying Drupal would become cumbersome. It would require a good amount of effort and resources with every chance of error.

Drupal on Google Compute Engine

But with Cloudways, you are in luck. Cloudways Cloud Platform offers a convenient solution to your hosting needs, making it easier to host your Drupal websites on Google Cloud Engine. And, all this is now just a single click away.

Why you should choose Cloudways to host Drupal websites on GCE

If you decide to deploy Google Cloud Engine directly from Google, then you might not be able to handle it and eventually end up in a mess. In order for you to deploy Drupal on GCE, you would need to first purchase a GCE license, then create an SSH connection and then you get to the time-consuming installation process. Along the way, if anything goes wrong, you may have to start from scratch.

However, with Cloudways Cloud Platform, your Drupal website on GCE is only a click away. You have everything ready within 8 minutes with a multitude of benefits, including but not limited to:

  1. Always online Tech support (24x7x365)
  2. User-friendly control panel
  3. Single click cloning of servers and applications
  4. Real-time Monitoring
  5. Off-Site Automated Backups

Use Cloudways for your Drupal website on Google Cloud

With Cloudways, launching a server is just a few clicks away. It is simple to deploy and requires no coding whatsoever.

Cloudways also offers a free 3-day trial on GCE for you to test your web apps, giving you the opportunity to become familiar with the feature-rich console, and various built-in features.

Click here to get started with the Cloudways Cloud Platform. After signing in, you will be taken to the Launch Screen of the Cloud Console.

Here are the steps involved in this process:

  1. Select Your Application
  2. Name Your App, Server, and Project
  3. Select Cloud
  4. Select Server Size
  5. Select Bandwidth for your GCE server
  6. Select Storages for your GCE server
  7. Select your Server Location

Select Your Application

Select your desired version of Drupal from the “Select Your Application” drop-down list

Name Your App, Server and Project


Select Cloud

Now select Google Cloud Platform Live from the cloud providers

Select Server Size

You can now select the size of your server. Move the slider to set the size. You can also hover the mouse over each option to get details


Select Bandwidth for your GCE server

Based on your needs, you can select your desired bandwidth on Cloudways console.


Select Storages for your GCE server

Select the desired storage sizes for your database and application files. You can select storage sizes for your database and application files.


Select your Server Location

We offer several regions to choose from, such as USA, Europe, and Asia. For optimum results, select a location which is nearer to your audience.


Click on “Launch” button and wait for few minutes. Your fully-functional Drupal installation on GCE is ready for action.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in hosting your sites on dedicated servers with supersonic speeds and optimized performance, then Cloudways powered GCE cloud server is the one of the best option available. Cloudways provides the most convenient Drupal hosting platform on GCE cloud servers.

Still not convinced? Then you can test and deploy your apps on Cloudways’ preconfigured testing environments before making any commitment. Just start a free trial now and check our Managed Google Compute Engine Platform for yourself.

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Hamza Zia

Hamza is a Drupal Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Drupal Hosting Platform. He loves to write about Drupal and related topics. During his free time, he can be seen obsessing over Football, Cars, Android and Gaming.

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