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How to Host WordPress on DigitalOcean

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WordPress powers more than 29% of websites on the Internet. This figure alone speaks volumes about the popularity of WordPress. We all have heard that content is the king and when it comes to Content Management Systems (CMSs), WordPress is indeed the strongest contender for the throne.

The beauty of WordPress is that it offers something for everyone. If you have an ecommerce store, you can launch it on WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin. If you are a blogger, designer, or someone looking to start out in the online world and make a living out of it, you simply need to have the best cloud hosting for WordPress and you are good to go. You can even manage multiple websites on a single installation of WordPress using the WordPress Multisite feature. It has something for everyone and comes with a very supportive community.

Now, it is easy to get started with WordPress. All you need is a good domain name, an affordable yet reliable hosting platform and a great site with quality content. Above all, you need to know how to install WordPress on DigitalOcean.

Everything above is easy to handle, except for an optimized hosting platform. Bear in mind, that you should kick shared hosting out of contention here as not only will it damage your resources, but it can also be the bearer of bad luck for your website. This leaves us with Cloud Hosting, which is reliable, affordable and optimized to run WordPress as swiftly as possible.

Why DigitalOcean on Cloudways?

DigitalOcean is one of the fastest growing cloud infrastructure provider. It is affordable and gives developers the chance to exercise their coding muscles. However, it is a bit complex to manage for an inexperienced individual that is not much familiar with the server side technicalities.

Enter, Managed Cloud Hosting Platform called Cloudways!

Cloudways, a fastest growing managed cloud hosting platform today and offers users the choice of hosting WordPress on DigitalOcean cloud in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is “click-click-click-click-click”. It is that simple!

Cloudways removes the technical barriers and helps you focus on creating a profitable online business strategy by providing you an optimized cloud hosting experience. This hosting experience is a result of the customized caching formula developed by experienced developers which ensure that your websites load 100 times faster than other hosting providers.

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean

First, sign up for Cloudways Platform by completing the simple form and click the START FREE button. If you have already signed up, log in to your account.

Now verify your email to complete the signup process. After successful signup, click LAUNCH button to initiate the simple server launch process.

Server and Application Details

Select WordPress from the list of applications. Name your Application, Server and Select Your Project.

Choose DigitalOcean from the list of cloud providers. Select your SERVER SIZE based on the expected monthly traffic (Don’t worry about frequent spikes as you can always scale your server to higher size with just a slider).

Now select your desired LOCATION keeping the latency factor in your mind.

After entering the Server and Application details, click LAUNCH NOW button.

Now, wait for a few minutes, till the server is getting ready!

Once the server is ready, go to the Platform and click Applications in the top-left menu. Select the WordPress app from the drop-down menu.

Go to ACCESS DETAILS > ADMIN PANEL. You will see the login credentials and the URL of the WordPress website. Click the URL and use the credentials to log in to the WordPress Dashboard.

That’s all!

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress on Linode cloud server at Cloudways.


Here is a short video, showing how easy to host a WordPress website on DigitalOcean via Cloudways.

I hope that you now know how to host WordPress on DigitalOcean. If you have any issues, feel free to ask me via the comment section below.

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