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WordPress started out as a little known pet project. Today, it is a behemoth that powers a significant portion of the internet.

The platform was co-founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003.

Very few people know today that WordPress is based on an earlier project, named b2/cafelog.

Originally, a simple open-source platform, WordPress, gradually evolved into its present form as a powerful CMS that is ideal for almost every type of web project. It is powered by PHP and uses MySQL as the DBMS.

Here is an overview of the evolution of WordPress, from its baby steps to the present giant of the internet.

Experienced users can exploit all the possibilities of WordPress and transform a blog into a portfolio or even an e-commerce site. Its versatility is a serious asset against its competitors. There is also a large community of users and developers to find a multitude of resources (themes, plugins or extensions) to optimize and personalize their websites. To conclude, WordPress is sufficiently intuitive to be used by neophytes with WordPress.com. From simple personal blog to a small online store, WordPress is the CMS that will meet all your expectations!


I would like to know your opinion on the development of the WordPress platform and where you think all this will lead. Thank you! 🙂

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