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Global Web Site Performance & Data center Proximity

Updated on June 21, 2013

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Do you hate slow websites? We all do. There are several reasons that might be making your website sluggish. There is a notion among web users that data center location does not matter much. However, this is a fallacy which is required to be addressed. In one of our previous articles, we mentioned how a delay in page load by 1.5 seconds tarnishes user experience and also gets relegated by Google.

Global Web Site Performance & Data center Proximity

Consider this happening to an ecommerce website. To them, bad slow times together with bad Google rating feel like the two blades of scissors. You are not only losing visitors but your reputation is also getting affected by it.

Why data center location matters:

Many users believe that modern-day high-speed networks can connect one continent to another within seconds and that server location is an issue of the past. The fact is that when a user sends a request, data is sent and received in small packets instead of a stream. These small portions of information have to pass through several networks that are between a server (or servers) and an end user.  The time it takes for data packets to complete this cycle is known as “latency”.

So if the data center is at a location closer to your target audience, it has to pass through fewer networks. A web server at a distant location will increase the latency due to complex networks and external interference.

To support our point, we will rely upon a non-scientific experiment conducted at a design agency named Regal Creative. Selecting three American and seven international cities, the company tested the download speed from their headquarters at Milwaukee, Wisconsin in USA. Using 20Mbps connection, each of the 10 locations were tried from five servers located closest to that particular city.

Datacenter Location

Datacenter Location Stats

As we can see that though within USA, when Los Angeles was tested the speed significantly dropped due to increase in the distance.

How to bring data center close to your server:

As your website grows, your target audience might be in US but maybe you have a significant following in the Pacific region. To resolve this problem, at Cloudways we have solutions that can make both your users and search engine crawlers happy with lowest loading time.

#1 – Stay away from Shared Servers:

Shared servers have limited resources to handle queries for your individual site, which means that even if the end user is physically close to the data center, they might still have slow load time due to heavy traffic on the server. Cloud hosting has been an alternative to shared servers where you can create a dedicated virtual private hosting environment with minimalist configuration.

#2 – Use Content Distribution Network (CDN):

CDN is a network of servers that are all around the world that store components of your website along with static content. This means your resources are no more located on a single server and you can deliver the content efficiently to a larger number of concurrent users. Find out how Cloudways can help you with CDN integration and maintenance.

#3 – Apply Server Redundancy:

Enterprises can minimize downtime by using a backup or secondary server. By implementing redundant servers, the secondary server  seamlessly takes over in case the primary server is down. Cloudways offers this multi-server setup for their PowerCloud customers that is targeted towards businesses and larger websites that wish to outsource their complete infrastructure management.

Choose Cloudways to enhance your web performance:
At Cloudways, we start from by planning and designing your infrastructure. This includes choosing the right data center location to enhance your global website performance. With a guaranteed 100% network up-time and our fully managed services at your disposal, your website will be ready to compete well in the online realm. Contact our cloud engineers anytime for a FREE consultation session.


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Mehdi KaramAli

Mehdi KaramAli worked as a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. Apart from exploring new trends in the cloud, he keenly follows startups and is passionate about mountaineering.

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