Add Prepaid Funds For Advance Payment

by Saad Durrani  May 15, 2015

Note: Cloudways no longer supports payments through Bitcoin.

At Cloudways, we are passionate about providing conveniences to our esteemed clients. This is why every month we launch numerous additions that cut the hassles for clients in many ways.

This time, we are introducing a new way of payment called “Funds”. Through Funds, you will be able to deposit an amount of your choice in our Funds section.

Add Prepaid Funds Cloudways

This credit will then be settled in the future invoices. We understand that keeping track of your Cloud Hosting transactions can be a challenge at times, especially when you are far too busy overseeing other aspects of your business or when you are on holiday with family and friends.

Adding funds in advance benefit your business for the long term. Achieve peace of mind in the knowledge that your website is being managed by the most professional team of Cloud Hosting provider, and your payments are settled beyond the short term. This feature is an attractive proposition for small and large business owners alike.

Adding Prepaid Funds Is Easy

Just login to your account and go to your member area.

Then click on the Funds tab on the left hand side of your screen.

Add Funds

Now click on the Add Funds button and add your desired amount. There are no restrictions on the sum of amount that you can add to your account.

Add Funds Amount

When you have funds already in your account, you would not have to worry about the closure of your account due to invalid funds. Your accounts will be charged automatically and funds will be deducted as per your invoice. This enables you to achieve the real peace of mind and lets you focus on your marketing and business operations.

To know more, check the related Knowledge Base entry. Want to suggest a new feature? Give us your feedback on this link.

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