Four Free Useful Fooman’s Extensions for Your Magento 2 Store

by Fayyaz Khattak  June 2, 2017

Finding the quality and free Magento extensions is definitely harder for Magento 2. The platform is new and there aren’t as many (free) extensions when compared to Magento 1.  Luckily our friends at Fooman – the leaders in providing well-coded extensions that Magento users love – have released four extensions that are totally free for Magento 2 users. Check out the following four extensions for your Magento 2 store.

Fooman's Magento Extensions

Streamline Magento 2 Order Numbering System

By default, Magento 2 assigns the different order, invoice, shipping and credit memo numbers for the same order. However, you can simplify this numbering system by assigning a single number to all these items. Fooman Same Order Invoice Number is a great extension which lets you do this without hassle.

Once the extension has been installed, a new invoice (e.g. INV-003), shipment (e.g. SHIP-003) or credit memo (e.g. CREDIT-003) will always take the same number of the associated order number (e.g. ORDER-003). If things get a bit more complicated and you have multiple invoices, credit memos or shipments associated with one order, the extension kicks in with automatic duplicate separation.

Why would you want to do this? This small change keeps your sales documents simple and well-organised. Your customer benefits by only having to reference one number consistently displayed on all documents. This greatly reduces confusion when dealing with customer service!

Attach PDF’s to Sales Emails

Need a way to automatically attach PDFs and other documents to sales emails? Check out Fooman Email Attachments. The extension is ideal for attaching invoices, shipment documents, credit memos and even the store’s T&C to the sales emails.

In addition to being free, the extension saves time and could be configured to accommodate a wide range of sales email. You get complete control over major aspects of the email and could always fine-tune all the details of the email.

Pair this extension with the Print Order PDF extension (#3 on this list) to offer a consistent customer experience.

Generate a Single Order Confirmation PDF for Multiple Orders

Quickly generate a new “Order Confirmation” PDF type with Fooman Print Order Pdf. As well as being able to create an Order Confirmation PDF for individual orders, the beauty of this simple extension is that you can create a bulk Order Confirmation document for multiple orders in one click. Every selected order is displayed in a single PDF document, to save valuable admin time.

Improve Sales with an Advanced Look Into Google Analytics

Without access to the right information, you could make crucial (though unintentional) mistakes in your sales process, costing you potentially thousands of dollars in lost sales. Fooman Google Analytics Plus allows you to take a more advanced view of Google Analytics during the store’s checkout process.

This extension allows you to go beyond the standard Google Analytics features by seeing where potential customers are “dropping off” during the checkout process. The extension tracks every step of the checkout process, including the sections retrieved via AJAX during one-page-checkout. These insights allow store admins to take action that boosts conversions and improve the store’s performance. You can also anonymise visitor IP addresses for privacy.

BONUS! – You can find a bunch of other free Magento tips and resources on Fooman’s blog, which was named one of Cloudways top Development Blogs to follow in 2017.

About Fooman

Fooman offer trusted Magento 1 and 2 extensions to save you time and money. Led by Kristof, a 2x Magento Master and Certified Developer Plus, Fooman are known for creating reputable, well-coded extensions. The team have nearly a decade of Magento experience and are Magento Technology Partners.

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