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Get Free Cloudways Email for Businesses using Zoho Mail

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We rely heavily on emails for both personal and business use. Email is one of the key component when it comes to digital communication. Having an official email address is as important as having an actual office address; an address that is associated with your business name. Professional email addresses contain business domain names to the right of your email. For example abc@mydomain.com

Professional emails can be set up using various available methods; both free and paid. Today, am going to guide you on how you can easily get a professional email address for FREE using Zoho Mail and use it as Cloudways email.

Features of Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail is bundled up with a lot of features for free. The most highlighted are mentioned below.

  • Includes Free Plan
  • 25 User accounts
  • 5GB/user
  • 20 MB Email Attachments
  • Zoho Office Suite (Writer, Sheet, Show apps)
  • 1GB File upload
  • Two- factor Authentication

Sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it? In my opinion, if you are a small business owner and are falling short on the budget, then Zoho Mail should be your preferred choice.

Let’s delve into the details.

Sign up for Zoho Mail

Before you begin using Zoho Mail, you will first have to create an account on it.

To Sign Up, visit the pricing page and click on the Sign-up option for a free plan.

A new window will automatically appear. You can add the required details here. If you don’t have a domain, then just choose “Buy a new domain for my business” and follow the on-screen instructions accordingly. In my example, I selected “Sign up with a domain I already own,” as I already own a domain; hopefully, you also have one.

Fill the form shown above and click on the Sign-Up button.

After successful account creation and phone verification, you will see a new warning sign asking you to verify the ownership of the domain. But don’t worry, I will cover this in the next step. For now, click on the Continue Setup option.

Domain Setup of Zoho Mail

Once the sign-up process is done, it will navigate you to the domain verification page. Here is a screenshot of what the domain setup of Zoho Mail looks like:

Verify Domain Ownership

Now Zoho mail verifies the domain ownership to check if you are the owner of the domain or not. From the left pane, navigate to Verify Domain and then move to Select your DNS Manager. Expand your drop-down menu and choose your particular domain name provider.

I selected Others as I my domain is registered via Namecheap and its not listed in the available options.

Zoho Mail further allows you to verify the domain by using three methods:

  1. CNAME Method
  2. TXT Method
  3. HTML Method

Navigate to the particular method for complete instructions. In my example, I will be using CNAME Method. For that, I need to login to my Namecheap account and then navigate to the Advanced DNS tab of my domain.

We need to add a new CNAME record and enter the values provided by Zoho Mail. Here is a screenshot on how to do it:

Once configured properly, go back to the Domain Setup of Zoho Mail and click on the Proceed to CNAME Verification at the bottom of the screen.

Here is the popup confirming that everything is configured correctly; just click on the Verify Now button:

There you go! You’re all done with the domain verification step. As soon as you are done with the verification steps, you will be guided to a new page. This page will inquire you to create a new email address.

In my example, I have created admin@wpcomxxxx.com. Once created, visit the workplace section offered by Zoho Mail and then access the Mail option.

It will automatically log you into your default (admin@wpcomxxxx.com) mail box. Here is the screenshot of how the mail dashboard will look like:

As you can see, it is similar to other top email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo mail.

Send Test Email from Zoho Mail

The next step is to check whether the email address is working fine or not. In my test, I will send an email from my business email address to Gmail.

And here is the result that I got in my Gmail inbox.

Hurrah! My business email address is now successfully sending out emails now.

Receive Emails to Business Email Address

To receive emails on your business email address, you need to set MX records in the domain registrar. Go to your Zoho Mail cPanel and then navigate to the Configure Email Delivery tab. Here, you will see different values for MX records. If you are not sure how to setup MX records for your respective domain, then make your choice from the bottom of the page where it states Choose Your Domain Provider.

As we discussed earlier, my domain provider is Namecheap, and it is not listed in Zoho Mail drop-down option. Hence, I will be using the above-provided values of MX records in my Namecheap account inside my domain.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours to update MX records. However, there is an online tool from where you can verify whether the record has been updated or not.

Assuming that MX record has been updated, let’s send an email from Gmail.

Hurrah! I’ve got the email on my business email address.


Today, I have guided you on how you can easily create business emails for FREE and use it as Cloudways emails. You just need to have a domain name and an account on Zoho Mail.

Besides, there is a lot of Zoho Mail stuff to be discovered which you can explore by yourself.

One noticeable thing you should not avoid is that sometimes you can observe a delay in sending and receiving emails via Zoho Mail.

If your business cannot bear such delays, I would suggest you get a premium email provider such as Rackspace. If you get the business email from Rackspace directly, it will cost you $2.00/mailbox/month. But if you are a Cloudways customer, you can get it for just a dollar.

If you have any trouble in setting up your business email using Zoho as Cloudways email, feel free to ask using the comments section below.

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