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Fastest WooCommerce Hosting with Vultr Servers in the UK

March 6, 2018

4 Min Read
WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Although WooCommerce is an ideal extension to turn a WordPress website into a real ecommerce store; it is WooCommerce hosting that gives you the opportunity to host and create an online store with, in order to sell services and/or products.

You can find all the commercial features you need: from the creation and management of the articles to the payment procedure while going through the integration of the customer basket. WooCommerce supports various payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, checks and many more.

Importance of a Local Data Center

A time-proven fact in ecommerce industry is that the stores make the bulk of their sales to local buyers. Thus locating your WooCommerce store as close to your target audience makes good business sense. If your target audience is in the UK, you would see greater success by hosting your WooCommerce at Cloudways managed Vultr servers located in the UK.

One important benefit of this move is excellent user experience for the visitors coming from the UK. Since you have a UK based brand with the corresponding target audience, your store will automatically rank high in local SERP because of high page load speed. It is easy to imagine of this fast UX on the store’s revenue.

Launch Vultr Server in the UK

To evaluate the significance of local data centers, I use Vultr WooCommerce hosting and its server is located in London, UK.

First, sign up for Cloudways Platform by completing the simple form and click Start Free button.

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Sign up

Now verify your email to complete the signup process.

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Launch

After successful signup, click Launch button to initiate the simple server launch process. For the purpose of this article, I choose my Application and Server details as follows:

  • Select the latest version of WooCommerce
  • Name Your Managed Application
  • Name Your Managed Server
  • Select Your Project
  • Choose Vultr as cloud infrastructure
  • Select Server Size (1 GB)
  • Select Location (EU – London)

Note: I named my managed application as My WooCommerce, server as My Server and project as My Project. However, you are free to choose different names for those fields. The changes will not affect this tutorial.

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Server Details

After entering the server and application details, click Launch Now button.

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Server Launch

Now, wait for few minutes, till the server is getting ready!

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Adding Server

Once the server is ready, go to the platform and click Applications in the top-left menu bar.

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Top Menu

Then tap on the WooCommerce application.

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Application

Use Access Details > Admin Panel to get into the dashboard of WooCommerce staging site:

  • Click website URL
  • Copy and Enter Username
  • Copy and Enter Password

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Admin Panel

After logging into the WooCommerce Dashboard, you will find that BreezeWordPress cache plugin is already installed on your website.  Let’s first deactivate it and move further!

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Dashboard

Performance Test and Analytics Tools

To evaluate and let you know the importance of local data center, I’ll do an experiment. It consists of testing a real WooCommerce website hosted in UK data center using Pingdom Tools.

Here are the results current results of my WooCommerce Store:

Pingdom Tools

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Pingdom Before Breeze

Test URL

Have You Thought About Caching?

The above number is impressive. Now imagine the scenario where the traffic increases and the server hosting your WooCommerce store has to process a significantly higher number of requests. As you might guess, the users will experience a noticeable drop in performance.

To counter this, I suggest installing a cache plugin. For the purpose of this article, I will reactivate Breeze cache plugin and enable its minification and grouping of files.

Let’s see the results!

Pingdom Tools

WooCommerce Vultr Hosting in UK Pingdom After Breeze

Test URL

Use CDN If You Have Global Audience

The good thing about WooCommerce stores is that they attract visitors from all over the world. However, it is not possible to give all visitors a fast experience with your store hosted in the UK data center. To solve this problem, Cloudway offers CDN services, a global network of the cache server that intercepts the user’s’ request and serve the website’s static data. This reduces the stress on the server and improves the user experience for all.


WooCommerce powers more than 28% of the ecommerce stores on the Internet. Choosing managed WooCommerce hosting allows you to benefit from the advice and expertise of a very wide community of users. So, no matter what problem you are having or the question you have about your WooCommerce Vultr hosting, you can be sure to quickly find an answer or solution from Cloudways.

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