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CTO Cloudways shares his experience of DevOpsDays Barcelona

Updated on  22nd October

Reading Time: 1 minute

In today’s fast pace technology, sharpening the saw—the seventh habit described by Stephen Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People—has become a necessity for businesses. Cloudways also makes sure to stay connected with the events related to cloud industry in order to gain insights and updates. Last week, CTO and cofounder of Cloudways, Pere Hospital visited DevOpsDays Barcelona and it turned out to be an experience worth sharing.

DevOpsDays Barcelona

 What is DevOpsDays:

DevOpsDays is a series of conferences that began from Belgium in 2009. DevOps is a methodology that promotes a strong collaboration and communication between development, i.e. software engineers, and technology operations. The term “DevOps” itself comes from events like these where different strategies are developed to make this collaboration stronger.

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DevOpsDays Barcelona:

From continuous and agile delivery to performance testing, all the topics and developments related to DevOps were discussed in this two-day conference. Open Space Sessions discussed different tools like Graphite and Sensu along with Zabbix. Similarly, discussions also took place on methodologies like Scrum and Kanban for system team (aka ‘systeam’) workload management. If you wish to know more about this conference, read footnotes from our CTO. Those having avid interest in the cloud, IT security and technology management will find his blog worth reading.

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Mehdi KaramAli

Mehdi KaramAli worked as a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. Apart from exploring new trends in the cloud, he keenly follows startups and is passionate about mountaineering.

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