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Enjoy your “Very Personal” Dropbox-like Storage with Cloudways

Updated on August 31, 2012

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Cloudways now offers 1-Click, super-easy deployment of ownCloud a.k.a. your personal Dropbox storage.

If you haven’t heard of it till now, ownCloud offers an application that will make your server on Cloudways your very own personal storage area. You will be able to store data, access data and share data with all your friends just like you would on Dropbox, with the only difference being that OwnCloud will is your very own personal and private storage!

OwnCloudOwnCloud allows you to access the following features with your account:

•    Versioning: to save the old versions while updating the files.
•    Encryption: to keep data safe and protected.
•    Drag&Drop Upload: for easy file management.
•    API Support: to make customization and add features
•    Migration and Backup: for easy migration and data backup.
•    LDAP/Active directory: for managing users and roles.

And many, many more…

Dropbox users looking for a way to have a private and personal “drop-box like” storage, should try out ownCloud hosted over Cloudways.

What are the advantages of hosting ownCloud with Cloudways?

Many great features await you:

•    One-Click, Easy Setup (Click here to see how)
•    Automatic Hourly Backup of Complete Data.
•    Deploy on any of the 17+ Cloud Providers.
•    Easy Setup and Integration of All Cloud Accounts.
•    Automatic Failover and Restore.
•    100% Network Uptime!
•    Starts from $14.95 for 10GB of Personal, Private and Encrypted Storage & Unlimited Users.

Hosting OwnCloud over the cloud could not get any easier than this. Try it now absolutely FREE! Take it for a test drive and see how Cloudways makes THE difference in easy cloud computing.

Remember! You only have to Act Now!


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