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SEO Experts Offer Top Tips For Holiday Season

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Sam wanted to gift his son Paul the latest edition of Xbox this holiday season. He fired up Google and searched for the best Xbox deals. Probably, he used queries similar to “best buy Xbox 360’ or ‘best XBox deal’.

Here in comes the magic of SEO. If you have an ecommerce store and you have optimized it, there are great chances that your store will rank near the top, and you’ll more likely get a potential sale.

SEO is important for any niche and you should optimize on keywords that relate to the products/services you sell. Optimizing your website helps you rank well, and consequently increase your revenue without spending significantly on paid channels.

Previously, I talked to top ecommerce experts about the tips for holiday season. Realizing the impact of that list, I decided to repeat the experiment and went to top SEO experts for tips on optimizing websites for the upcoming holiday season.

Here you go!

Get Prepared

Jenni Beattie, a digital marketing consultant advised:

Simon Cox, a freelance technical SEO consultant, gave his top tip:

Optimize Product Description

ChecSEO, a popular provider of SEO services added:

Kate Toon, a copywriter and SEO expert added:

Leigh Winters, author of the famous Viral Evolution, gave his top advice:

Be Relevant

Tom, head of social media and digital innovation at TAGtheagency, advised:

Be SEO Focused

Craig Campbell, a digital marketing expert with over 16 years of experience added:

Craig, a regular #CWChat contributor shared his thoughts:

Nick Ross, writer, journalist and publisher added:

Paul Thomson, a YouTuber and handler of Buffer’s Twitter account added his ideas:

Carole Miramont, an experienced marketer and SEO expert advised:

Be Proactive

Casey is a wine blogger at Travelling Corkscrew who also works for a Perth based SEO agency at White Chalk Road, added:

Jeremy Liddle, entrepreneur and co-founder of CapitalPitch, shared his thoughts by saying:

Morgan Jerabek, founder of Neuron Partners, discussed:

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Janoathan Aufray, co-founder & CEO of Growth Hackers  and GrowthAcademia, gave a great tip:

Remember Optimization

Peter Drew, a software developer specializing in SEO and video marketing automation solutions advised:

Bonus Tip

Barry Schwartz, a well known SEO geek with over 100K Twitter followers gave this great advice:

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