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7 Must-Attend Ecommerce Conferences in 2016

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Being involved in the community events related to your industry is a must adopt strategy to boost the standing of your business. As an online store owner, it’s highly beneficial for you, both personally and from the business point of view, to attend major ecommerce conferences.

Not only do you get to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs who have been successful in setting up ecommerce businesses, but you also have the opportunity to showcase a human face for your business. You build relationships which can have a long term impact on your business’ credibility.

Let us take a look at some of the most anticipated conferences in 2016. I suggest you attend the event closest to you.

Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference 2016

When: May 30, 2016

Where: Barcelona, Spain

This is a relatively small conference, designed as a dialog forum for the who’s who of European ecommerce. This is a place where policy makers converge to decide the direction of ecommerce regulations and rules.

If you are a Europe based business owner, and would like to influence key policies related to your industry, you’re advised to attend this conference. This is an official precursor to  Global Ecommerce Summit. The Global summit is a mega 2-day-event, where the focus is on “Shaping the future of digital retailing”.

Ecommerce Show USA 2016

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When: March 30 and 31, 2016

Where: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

At this conference, over 80 exhibitors will be present and the focus is on learning and innovation. Ecommerce store owners can learn about the social side of ecommerce. Which social network is most relevant to online selling? How would “buy now” buttons affect the process? How are virtual shopping assistants expected to impact ecommerce sales?

If you want to learn about the mobile commerce (m-commerce) strategies, then this is the place for you. Plus you will know more about influential factors like loyalty and community. Plus, pricing strategies—vital for the success of your ecommerce business—are going to be discussed at length and you’ll learn lots about them.

SEO, SEM, Data Analytics, Payments, and Channels will be the agenda on day 2. I don’t think any online store owner should miss this event, as the benefits of learning from your peers and their experiences is invaluable.

Exhibits at the event will give you the chance to check out other businesses of your industry and interact with their staff. Go ahead and ask them how they’re running things and what advice they have for you! Register now, before it’s too late.

Retail Business Technology Expo 2016

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When: March 9 and 10, 2016

Where: London, United Kingdom

When the likes of PayPal and Magento are sponsoring an event, you know it’s gonna be pretty awesome. Many of the biggest names in business are attending this ultimate conference, which has a broad scope, but has a lot to offer from the ecommerce perspective.

The eCommerce Quarter will be a forum where a lot of solution specialists are going to be discussing every stage of the buyer’s journey of the sales funnel. Through attending this event, you’ll hear from some of the top ranking staff at ecommerce portals, for example Blackwell and The Entertainer.

Online Retailer

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When? — 16 and 17 March, 2016 When? — 20 and 21 July, 2016
Where? — Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Where? — Sydney, NSW, Australia

Here is the chance for Aussies, New Zealanders and others in the Oceania region to attend a splendid event, and the best part is you have a choice of two locations in two different months to select from.

Some of the biggest brands worldwide have previously taken part in the Online Retailer event. Testimonials from the ecommerce industry professionals are proof of the amazing value of attending the Online Retailer Conference.

At Melbourne, you can have fruitful Round Table discussions with experts, on a topic of your choice from amongst a list of 10. This will be a highly valuable learning experience for you, as such discussions provide a kind of learning unlike any other method.

Other topics you can learn about are: conversion rate optimization, innovation in email marketing, web design usability, discoverability, mobile optimization and monetization and much more.

The agenda for Sydney hasn’t yet been decided, but you can expect it soon. I reckon it will be as power-packed with useful discussions and keynotes as the Melbourne event.

Asia eCommerce Conference

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When? — 25 May, 2016

Where? — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is going to be the 6th edition of the Asia eCommerce Conference. It aims to inspire you to improve your business through new ideas and connect you to prospective investors and customers.

The keynote speeches and panel discussions will focus on ecommerce challenges within the Asian region as well as connectivity beyond borders. Giants in the Asian ecommerce scene will be present at this conference.

The keynote address is by Vice President of Walmart owned Yihaodian online grocery shopping portal, Mr. Chris Guo. The topic will be Future Challenges of ecommerce and mcommerce. The second keynote will be regarding innovation in payment solutions.

Furthermore, industry experts will deliver sessions on topics such as customer acquisition, delivery challenges, digital and content marketing, multiple channel retail, and much more.

The original registration price is $589. If you register right now, you can get a pass for only $294.5, a 50% discount. Don’t miss out!

Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition

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When? — 7 to 10 June, 2016

Where? — Chicago, Illinois, USA

I really like the slogan of the conference: “E-Commerce is evolving faster than ever. Blink, and you’ll miss the next big thing.” This is true. As an online store owner, you want to network with people who can accurately predict the trend.

From Chairmen, to Directors, to Managers, and even analysts can truly benefit from attending this colossal event. You have the chance to network with a whopping 7000 retailers.

I cannot even begin to list the topics of the agenda, which is absolutely vast. It seems every ecommerce topic under the sun will be discussed at IRCE 2016. The quality of the speakers at the event is dazzling.

If you can make it to the windy city for IRCE 2016, don’t miss out! Attending this event will teach you more than anything or anyone else could.


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When: May 16 to 18, 2016

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

For those of you closer to the west coast of the United States, SHOPTALK is a must-attend event. What I find interesting about this conference is that they refer to the ecommerce “ecosystem”. This is a proper approach to take towards ecommerce, and you’ll learn how to think in these terms at Shoptalk.

Explore the various ecommerce business models, along with learning how to delight your customers. Book your place now!

These are some of the conferences that you can attend in 2016! I am sure there are many other worthy events that I missed out! Are you aware of any major ecommerce conference in 2016 which deserves to be mentioned? Do let me know in the comments below!

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