Cloudways Integrates Restler Framework For Quick Deployment

by Zain Imran  June 11, 2015

The prime focus of any Managed Cloud Hosting Platform is to make life of developers and agencies as easy as possible. Cloudways strives to bring services and features which help in keeping our customers focused on their actual work: Building awesome web projects.

In the recent past, we have brought you many new features and upgrades within the Cloudways Cloud Platform. Yet again, we are announcing a significant improvement to our suite of services.



Cloudways has integrated the Restler API server framework by Luracast. Yes, now building rich web, mobile, and desktop apps on the Cloudways Console is even more convenient than before!

A RESTful Framework

Restler is a REpresentational State Transfer (REST) API server framework that is highly flexible and facilitates server-related operations. It is easy to use for anyone with knowledge of object oriented programming (OOP). It is based on PHP, one of the industry’s standard languages for web development.

What Restler does is that it turns your code classes and its methods into better “citizens”. Your code can perform a more diverse range of operations within this architecture.

Since it is based on PHP, the learning curve of Restler can be easily overcome. The entire process is streamlined to be light and quick, with just three files involved in writing server code.

A feature most developers will love is that all public methods are automatically mapped to URLs. It also supports multiple formats: JSON, XML, YML, AMF, PLIST, and other custom formats!

Introducing Restler Hosting On Cloudways

Are you looking to use Restler on a Managed Hosting Platform? Cloudways is the best choice for you. We have optimized our Cloud Hosting Platform for this framework.

On Cloudways, you can host your APIs on any of three reliable Cloud Infrastructure Providers, namely Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, and Google Compute Engine. All three types of servers will provide matchless quality of service and uptime. If you are concerned about hosting location, then pick any of the 15 different locations available.

Worried about encountering a server-related problem when using Restler for development work? Well, relax! Our dedicated customer support staff is at your disposal 24/7/365. No matter what problem you face, we are here to assist you.

By the way, we have Swagger too. Therefore, you do not have to worry about API documentation. Everything’s auto-generated for you.

Start your Free Restler Hosting Trial now!

Don’t wait! Come and experience the joy of Managed Cloud Web Hosting and application development on Restler integrated Cloudways Cloud Platform.

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Create PHP websites without the worry of server management.

Deploy your PHP app on optimized PHP hosting servers.

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