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Codester : Marketplace For Premium PHP Scripts, Themes, App Templates and More

Updated on  19th September

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When you’re setting up your website, it’s important to be aware of all the aspects of how your website looks and how it operates. In case you’re using the website to promote your business, there’s no question about the need for smooth flow and quick response each time a visitor clicks anywhere on your page. It takes time and a lot of resources for creating a smoothly functional website. The script or CMS powering the website needs to operate without a flaw and you need to provide a secure environment for your visitors.

How can you make your web pages working just the way you want it? Well-written scripts, themes, and plugins can help you a lot in this. Where can you get these? Well,  Codester offers a selection of ready-to-use web development assets. These include premium scripts, themes, plugins, graphics and more.

Get Your Building Blocks From Codester

All available items on Codester are divided into respective categories so that you don’t waste any time looking all over the place. All you need to do is register an account, and enjoy browsing the thousands of items on Codester.

For those of you who are building your way to the top of the web developing industry, Codester is the place where you can sell your work and generate a passive income. The registration is free; you only pay a commission each time you make a sale.

What can you Find on Codester?

It’s not enough to purchase a product and use it as it is. You can find a theme or a plugin that’s close to what you need but it’s hard to find a tool that is a perfect fit for your requirements. That’s why Codester offers products that you can customize to fit them into your project without affecting the entire project.


Codester offers scripts in virtually every mainstream programming languages including PHP, Java, Python, Javascript and others.

App templates

Codester also offers great app templates that run on Android, iOS, Unity and other platforms. You can get your own app in the app store easily and expand the reach of your marketing activities tremendously.

Themes and plugins

On a webpage, everything from the color scheme, layout to the fonts have a huge impact on the user experience  of your website. Codester offers unique themes that you can later customize and make them even more beautiful and usable for the users. Designing a website from the scratch can drain your resources . At Codester, you can choose a design option that fits right into the design and UI/UX requirements of your website. With simple modifications, the themes are ready in minimum time and offer maximum impact on the performance of the website.

Plugins improves the website’s  functionality, safety, and bring in extra features that are missing in the core of the CMS powering your website. Plugins need to be compatible, tested, and reliable enough to ensure continuous performance of the website. Codester checks every plugin before it is allowed on the marketplace. This means that if you purchase a security focused plugin, it will keep your content secure.

Codester offers plugins for a wide range of CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.


Software developers often have troubles finding the right graphics for their project. Even when they get a graphic pack, there is always inconsistency and other issues. Codester realizes this and ensures that the graphics available on the marketplace are compatible with majority of the app and website projects.

Free files

We all love freebies! Every week Codester offers FOUR free files to all users to download as they wish. All free files are contributed  by the community of developers and designers on the Codester marketplace. You find the free files here


Codester is a place where both designers and developers can find a useful solution for their troubles. It offers reliable software solutions to the end user. Designers and developers have a chance to make a name for themselves, earn good money and connect with other people in the community. Overall, if you’re looking to publish a functional, good looking web site, Codester can supply the very best building blocks.  Check out Codester today.

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Shahroze Nawaz

Shahroze is a PHP Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Platform. He’s always in search of new frameworks and methods to implement them. Besides his coding life, he loves movies and playing soccer with friends. You can email him at

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