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Optimize Your Cloud Cost With Cloudyn

Updated on  22nd October

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UPDATE: This addon is no longer available on Cloudways PowerCloud.

Recently, we introduced a revamped iteration of PowerCloud Dashboard along with seven great new add-ons. We are ecstatic by the positive response that we received from our clients. However, we think, you can always give more to your customers. Hence, we are announcing the launch of absolutely FREE cloud cost monitoring through Cloudyn. We believe that our clients should understand the financial aspects of investing into cloud service. A simple question like “Am I spending correctly on my cloud?” had no logical answers. That is, until now!

Cloudyn Cost Monitoring Tool

Introducing Cloudyn

Cloudyn is a cost monitoring and optimization tool which helps clients understand the financial performance of their cloud expense. It is a Software-as-a-Service which works on Amazon Web Service. Cloudyn has already been added to your PowerCloud service without any extra charges.

Cloudyn helps our AWS-based managed clients with:

  • Analyzing the cloud usage in relation with spending and performance

  • Forecasting the cloud expenditure based on usage analysis

  • Recommending action-based events in order to cut cloud expenses

  • Putting in place automatic alerts to keep cloud spending under control


Why use Cloudyn?

Many especially those who have small sized deployments consider measure like these extravagant. They think that only medium or large scale deployments which are based on a multi-server infrastructure require such optimization. By doing this, they undermine the benefits of such processes.

Cloud servers cost a good amount of money and many of startups are usually cash strapped because of the investment made in the business model. At this time, anything saved at this moment is like a blessing. A cut of expenditure by 20 dollars stacks up to a saving of 240 dollars over the next twelve month. This small amount of money can be invested in other things.

How much does it cost?

Now let us come to the best part. From today, Cloudyn is available to all our customers who use AWS for their cloud needs and it is available for a convenient price of FREE with no strings attached.

We are excited to hear from our clients about this latest add-on. We hope it will come in good use for all of our AWS-based clients. Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestion about our add-ons or Login to see your all new Cloud Cost Monitoring Dashboard!

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Mehdi KaramAli

Mehdi KaramAli worked as a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. Apart from exploring new trends in the cloud, he keenly follows startups and is passionate about mountaineering.

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