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CloudwaysBot Provides Real-Time Notifications on Your Favorite Channels

Updated on  16th August

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Cloudways proudly introduces CloudwaysBot, another great addition to the world’s most innovative cloud platform. It keeps you updated about your servers and the apps installed in it. Based on smart algorithms, the system notifies you about important tasks you should take in order to get the best out of your apps and servers.

CloudwaysBot is your very own assistant for Cloudways Platform. You can get timely tips, updates and suggestions to improve the performance of your servers and applications from within the console inside Cloudways Platform.

Stay Informed

CloudwaysBot has two major sections: Notifications and Channels.


Inside the Notification tab, you keep track of your server’s performance for timely maintenance. It tells you if the web stack is in proper shape or not. It can also inform you about the server’s impending requirements. You will also be notified about the patches or version updates that you might have missed otherwise.

Cloudways Console Notifications


You can easily hook your Cloudways account up with your preferred collaboration tool in the Channels tab. Using Channels is pretty straight forward and you have a range of options including Slack, HipChat, Email, and Custom API.

Cloudways Channels

Stay on Top of Your Game

CloudwaysBot is a great tool that lets you take immediate decisions for your servers and applications. The notifications are action-based, prompting you to make critical decisions that have short and long term impact on the performance of your website.

Never miss an important and critical application update or run out of resources in the middle of everything.

Use Cases

CloudwaysBot is an ingenious creation from the research and development labs of Cloudways. It is a powerful tool that will help agencies, developers, and ecommerce owners with proper functioning of web servers and installed apps.

CloudwaysBot can be used in many great ways. But, before we go on to explore how CloudwaysBot will benefit you, let’s read what some of our users had to say about their experience with our smart assistant.

It is refreshing to see a smart-looking assistant guiding you on how to take care of your servers and applications. Would be nice to see how the bot improves.  

Ryan Hailey
Beta Tester

The bot is quick, notifies on all the subscribed events. The current channels are a bit less but hopeful they will be increased in the future.

Akash Mehra
Beta Tester

It is now easier for me to keep tab of my servers and applications. Now I need to be less worried about applications version upgrades. Looking forward to new improvements!

Alex Williams
Beta Tester

Here is how CloudwaysBot will benefit you.


Developers dislike distractions. They want to focus on the task at hand and don’t want to go through the hassle of keeping a check on their server and applications. This is why we decided to integrate a smart assistant, CloudwaysBot. Developers can create hooks to their preferred tools (channels) along with the ones already available or through the Custom API.

Online Business Owners

For online business owners, three things matter the most: Security, Speed, and Ease. Once integrated, CloudwaysBot will facilitate owners with real-time server and application updates in addition to suggesting them server optimization tips. Business owners will be able to use the CloudwaysBot to help their in-house customers keep their agency, store or business connected. Developers can integrate CloudwaysBot according to their needs by subscribing to their desired events and channels. This will help business owners managed their time and resources in a more robust manner.


Owing to the smart technology used in developing the CloudwaysBot, and the research behind it, Digital and Design agencies can integrate the CloudwaysBot according to their needs. With the right configuration, CloudwaysBot will make team collaboration effective. All the members of a team will be able to receive updates—according to their roles—pushed to their preferred channels of notifications.

How will you be using CloudwaysBot? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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