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Cloudways Joins Hands with Themeco

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Cloudways is pleased to announce its partnership with Themeco, the company behind the popular X WordPress theme and the powerful PRO – The Most Advanced Website Creator for WordPress. As a result of this partnership, Cloudways hopes to enhance the popularity of Themeco products within the Cloudways WordPress user community.

Cloudways has a wide WordPress user base, and as such we have seen a lot of WordPress themes in action. We have seen our fair share of the good (and the bad) WordPress themes. We were already aware of the popularity of the Themeco WordPress products in our user base and this partnership is an indication of the trust of our WordPress community.

Talking about this partnership, Aaqib Gadit, the Co-founder of Cloudways said,

“This Partnership aligns with our efforts to Maximize Value for the WordPress community. Cloudways and Themeco will make sure that their complementary offerings work great for WordPress users.”

On the same note, Kyle Wakefield of Themeco said,

“Through this partnership, our two companies will be working closely together to ensure our products work seamlessly together and to quickly address any issues that may arise. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our friends at Cloudways!”

As a result of this partnership, we hope to see increased use of Themeco products on our WordPress managed hosting Platform, and in turn, we hope to welcome Themeco users on our Platform.

Mustaasam Saleem :Mustaasam is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed WordPress Hosting Platform, where he actively works and loves sharing his knowledge with the WordPress Community. When he is not working, you can find him playing squash with his friends, or defending in Football, and listening to music. You can email him at mustaasam.saleem@cloudways.com