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The Grand Cloudways Laravel Hosting Review Giveaway!

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T’is the time of The Grand Cloudways Laravel Hosting Review-Giveaway!

We invite the Laravel community (and our users) to try out Cloudways Laravel hosting and give their opinion. The best review will win a SECRET SURPRISE GIVEAWAY (Hint: It is worth about $100).

This awesome contest starts on September 28th and you have till October 7th to add your review.

Here is how to participate in the contest:

  1. Signup to the Cloudways Platform (it is free for three days! No credit card required!)
  2. Launch Laravel Application on the server of your choice.
  3. Try out the features of the Platform (I recommend deploying your app via Git.)
  4. Join the Cloudways Community Forum
  5. Go to “The Grand Cloudways Laravel Hosting Review Giveaway” thread.
  6. Post your opinion

The Grand @Cloudways Laravel Hosting Review Giveaway!

Note: A good review should cover the good (and the bad) experiences, the missing features and how Cloudways Support performed in case you run into issues.

The winner will be announced on October 10th on this blog.

Saquib Rizwan :Saquib is a PHP Community Expert at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Cloud Platform. He is well versed in PHP and regularly contributes to open source projects. For fun, he enjoys gaming, movies and hanging out with friends. You can email him at saquib.rizwan@cloudways.com