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8 Challenges in Migrating to Cloud

Updated on October 27, 2014

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The growing popularity of cloud migration and its management has not only accelerated the entire cloud environment but have also given rise to several cloud service providers to offer competitive and lucrative management solutions for organizations to run their daily operations competently.

Technological advancements have come to a point where a lot of things have become easier than earlier for the companies and organizations having vast infrastructures to expand their ventures worldwide and that too without the hassle of installing hardware and software tools in their computer systems. Cloud is what we are talking about.

Cloud MigrationIn our previous discussions we learnt how significant the role of managed cloud providers is and highlighted on factors like recovery backup plans, security of data and smooth running of daily operations. All the aforementioned factors invite various organizations to avail managed cloud services and get free from the burden of hardware and software devices and tools. But in due course of time each of these factors suffers from respective challenges due to which integrated device independence gets tough to achieve.

It has been observed whether the application is running on the servers located on-premises of the organization or elsewhere, operations professionals need data to keep running their daily activities. For this they hire managed cloud providers so that efficient methods of running operational activities of organizations smoothly are achieved.

Nevertheless, amongst these factors that pose a challenge to cloud management, cloud migration is also one amongst them. It undergoes numerous challenges while performing such sensitive functions for organizations. Challenges faced by cloud providers in the migration process are as follows:

Challenges of Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Migration is one of much conversed point where cloud managers face extreme problems at the time of data migration from a company’s server to a server that forms cloud elsewhere. Why they face troubles let’s find out. As we know, cloud behaves as an interface through which organizations can access data in a virtual environment. Thus, smooth functioning of it depends primarily on how well groomed and knowledgeable cloud providers are in this area.
  • Foremost reason for their worry is improper and unprofessional working force. Advanced equipments comprising of software and hardware tools might be good sources for managing cloud of an organization or migrating it, but lack of knowledge about them and insufficient skill set for their implementation and installation may prove all the efforts of cloud providers in vain.
  • Moreover, if data migration is not done systematically and properly, it can give rise to problems concerning data and cloud security of company’s assets that primarily comprise of data. Thus, hiring cloud providers having sound experience about the field with ample knowledge and skill sets becomes vital for managing cloud more effectively and efficiently.
  • Governing Confidential Data is not a simple task. Reputed managed cloud providers do it with utmost care and priority. However, despite equipped with high-end tools for installing and incorporating data the cloud management professionals also need to take care that whatever data they are storing in the cloud is well protected and safeguarded from outside thefts and fallacies. As Internet is housing ground for criminal acts, services such as cloud management needs special attention in order to remain protected.
  • Example: Suppose an XYZ company wants to shift its data to cloud storage for increased uptime and scalability, it goes to cloud service provider for performing such functions. Now, the cloud provider starts initializing steps for data transfer to cloud, but in between face problems like data crash or unauthorized access by third parties. This is where the problem lies. The proprietor of data that hired cloud manager would not only face reputation losses but also monetary losses. Similar case was experienced when Amazon cloud failure happened and several businesses suffered immense losses due to it.

Thus, securing data remains an utmost priority of cloud managers to prevent global cloud security threats that also include cross-border security concerns.

However, bonding with CloudWays, you can be rest assured about your data’s security. The managed cloud service provider and migration consultants have hands of experience on the management practices of cloud and assures its clients a reliable and long lasting association.

  • Yet another point that is challenging for cloud migration is factors like independence of processes, applications, and data. This is also known as device independence. Although, keeping computer systems in a virtual environment might be simple, they should be monitored continuously in order to scale-up production levels, which is definitely not an easy task.
  • Cloud migration also suffers from challenges such as well defined integration of data to achieve optimized applications. Thus, it is vital to lay focus on this segment as well so that the issue of optimized yet simplified cloud solutions can be dealt with ease.
  • Lastly, cost remains the major issues and one of the biggest objectives of cloud migration. By mentioning cost, we mean cost involved in monitoring and running the cloud 24*7 efficiently.

Re-tooling: Enhancement Measure for Running Cloud more smoothly

The process of re-tooling is a solution taken out by cloud managers to reduce and prevent problems faced during cloud migration. Re-tooling means to reboot or improve the existing procedural steps for managing cloud efficiently. Recent example of Iron Mountain for calling off their public cloud storage services to clients is a step taken in this direction.

General Thoughts

For all technology advancements, challenges, pros and cons associated to it emerge by default. Although cloud management isn’t a new concept, it hasn’t captured IT market as such. It still needs to get recognition amongst SMBs as well as big organizations. Cloud related points such as cloud migration, monitoring of cloud, cost factors etc among others requires extensive research so that issues concerning security while cloud migration can be overcome. A better and competitive solution for managing cloud is a sure shot key to a green and scalable environment.


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