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This Is How You Made 2015 Awesome for Us

by Owais Khan  December 31, 2015

What a ride 2015 has been! I hope the year went great for you. Here at Cloudways, it was a memorable year for us and our customers. Based on the feedback of our valued customers, we made a number of changes to our Platform. Most of these were major upgrades which significantly enhanced the user experience of the Platform.

As we excitedly step into a new year, here is a recap of some of the milestones that Cloudways achieved in 2015. Take a look! We’ve come a long way.



At the very start of the year, we got some love from VentureBeat, the renowned tech blog for startups. One of the most popular ecommerce solutions, WooCommerce for WordPress, was integrated into the Cloudways Platform as a one-click install application.

We implemented the DenyHost mechanism in order to deflect unscrupulous IPs.


Google is a big name in the Cloud industry. This month saw the inclusion of Google Compute Engine with 3 different continental locations. Our customers were delighted with this news. And it was at this time, that Cloudways was covered by Forbes, the world’s most read business publication. We also improved Varnish control systems.


Who doesn’t need a good performance monitoring tool for their business? The New Relic APM addon came onto the Platform in March to add value to the Cloud Hosting experience.

We also integrated Laravel PHP Framework for hardcore PHP development.

Another major feature expansion of the Platform was the ability to clone apps in just a single click. Woohoo!


Security is of prime importance to our customers, and with the expanding threat matrix, Cloudways decided to introduce Two-Factor Authentication to further boost the robustness of your account.


Your Managed Cloud Hosting Platform should make life easy for you. Instead of only paying your bills after using the service, we gave you the option to add pre-paid funds to your account. So that you have peace of mind regarding your cloud finances.


We revamped the Server setting area and provided users more control over stack settings.


We allowed users to add SMTP setup of their choice as we tweaked our SMTP module for more flexibility.


A lot happened in August. One of the two major enhancements at this time was the inclusion of Redis cache as an option. This option allows our customers to use the features of Redis to perform a wide array of extra tasks. The other big news in August was the addition of MariaDB to Cloudways. It is a high performing database solution.


Many use cases require making sense of data sets. Why struggle to achieve insights into your data when you can use ElasticSearch? Cloudways decided to include this amazing search tool in our Platform for instantaneous and mind blowing search results and insights. We added new backup frequencies, downloadable backups, and better Git workflows.


We understood that everyone’s list of deployed servers was growing by the minute. Therefore, we changed the UI for the better. For our WordPress users, we added the all-new WordPress Migrator.


Vultr is an American cloud infrastructure provider fast gaining ground in the industry. It offers several server locations around the world. Cloudways proudly introduced Vultr as a hosting option on the Platform in this month, and the response has been impressive!

One of the biggest improvements to the Cloudways Platform was the revamp of the Team feature of the Console. Now, the Master Credential holder can assign tasks to team members effectively and exercise much greater control over everything.


We now support DigitalOcean’s Toronto Data Center. Start your free trial now!

Check out the infographic to see a chronological summary of all the major feature updates of Cloudways in 2015. We wish you a Happy New Year with the promise of more enhancements and improvements to come!

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About Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways – A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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  • Paul B

    You made 2015 awesome for me too! Incredible service. After dealing with hosting providers since 1995 I can truly say that Cloudways is, by far, the best experience I’ve had. You guys are amazing. Thanks. Have a great 2016.

  • Graziano Ferrero

    Happy for You, and for Me to have chosen wisely in unsuspected times 😉 Happy New Year!!!

  • Happy New Year Owais! Kudos for the infographic. Great stuff!