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How a WordPress Digital Agency cuts loading time for its clients by 100%

Updated on June 16, 2015

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Jeff Weese is the stalwart of Joslex Studios, comprised of a team of multi-talented staff based in Maryland, USA. The Digital Creative Agency works hard to come up with custom websites and applications for web and mobile platforms. Not only that, Joslex Studios also has expertise in photography, video marketing, online marketing and management of web services.

The Studios’ clientele is diverse: insurance, sports, healthcare,  law enforcement, lighting and many other businesses. A company of such stature requires plenty of attention and focus at the management level, to maintain quality of services.

The core work at Joslex involves the design and development of WordPress websites for their clients. When the websites are ready and approved by the clients, comes a major decision: Where should it be hosted? Ask Weese, because by now, he is a qualified expert in answering that question.

Jeff Weese

The Problem: Websites Slow as a Snail!

Weese had tried lots of options. He used shared hosting, VPS, and even dedicated servers for his clients’ WordPress Hosting needs. But the x-factor was missing. Across the spectrum of hosting providers, Weese’s client’s websites faced loading times as high as four to five seconds! Besides this, the hosting providers did not provide Joslex with high quality of customer care.

The Challenge: Finding a Reliable Host

In 2014, Weese began to shift his business strategy for WordPress websites of his clients. Because Joslex Studios did not want to to be involved in managing a server platform in-house, they began searching for a cloud hosting partner firm which could reliably manage servers of Joslex clients.

You might be wondering what the criteria for judging “reliability” was. Jeff Weese told us:

“We wanted a WordPress Platform that was optimized to run WordPress quickly. We wanted a solution that had great support, reliable uptime, fast performance, and didn’t want to worry about a lot of technical details. Based on our research, we were specifically looking for an NGINX solution with Varnish cache.”

So, Joslex set out to find the best fit for their requirements, which meant considering many big players in the field. The bottom line was that the website needed to be extremely fast. Ultimately, Weese discovered Cloudways. He launched a free trial server and got to work testing the hosting stack. The results were resounding. Website load times improved by as much as 100%.

Joslex Studios decided to partner with Cloudways Managed Cloud Platform. The comprehensive WordPress and PHP optimized Cloudways Platform has since delivered the best service possible to Joslex.

Check out our Partners page for more information.

The Result: Match made on the Cloud!

A vital factor when it comes to Managed Hosting Platforms is customer service. On that front too, Weese is impressed. Our support staff is available 24/7/365. You are never left to face cloud hosting problems alone when you are with Cloudways. Weese even suggested a cool feature, a built-in MySQL Manager on the Cloudways Platform. He helped us to create a full-screen view and now the feature is available for all clients.

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After working with us for a while, Jeff Weese said “I am pleased to say that Cloudways has been superb. The thing I enjoy the most about Cloudways is that I feel like I really have a team that is interested in working with me. The relationship is personal. If I need something, or have a suggestion, I’m always met with sincere concern. I haven’t experienced any downtime, which is exceptional. Overall, it has been a great experience!”

To read the complete story of Joslex Studios, click here and download the entire case study.

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Cloudways allows you to launch and manage many important server management tasks through 1-click. Launch servers on DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Service, and Google Compute Engine with 13+ location choices worldwide.  Security is managed by our expert System Admins who ensure your apps and console remain updated with the latest patches. You enjoy complete peace of mind with Cloudways, along with blazing fast load times. Check out all Cloudways features.

Don’t hesitate. See for yourself what the hype is about! Start your free trial today!

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Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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