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Is Cloud the New Disaster Recovery Phenomenon?

Updated on November 30, 2019

4 Min Read

For every organization whether SMBs or big organizations to run their daily operations in the smoothest way possible, it is very essential to cover every loop of doing business. This comprise of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS like environments.

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But to keep track of all these areas, organizations frame out automatic disaster recovery plans in order to prevent unpredictable fallacies that can prove fatal to their data. In one line, the role of a disaster recovery and data backup plan is simply to make corporate world aware of the importance of their precious assets like data and protecting it to the maximum. Though, a simple concept, it has a deeper meaning to it.

Thus, to have a clear picture of what we really want to emphasize upon let us understand it with an example that would lay focus on how virtual and physical environments get affected with proper disaster recovery plans.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Example on Virtual Environment: Let’s say DigiChip Inc. have recently migrated its services on Cloud. Now, in our previous discussions we know that anything that can be shared and accessed from a distant server and at any point of hour is a virtual environment. So, here cloud also refers to being virtual. Coming back to the company’s daily tasks, with managed cloud services it experienced high scalability and an extremely coordinated and well organized IT infrastructure. DigiChip Inc. was doing great in terms of revenue as well as its market value, till the time a day came when its data crashed due to some technical issues in the cloud servers.

Cloud disater RecoveryHowever, because the company had already a pre-configured automated disaster recovery plan in the servers, it could manage to restore back all the essential data that was confidential. Plus the in order to ensure quick disaster recovery the cloud or servers were distributed to multiple geographical regions, so that if one region goes down, you have the other region saving you from all calamities. You entire traffic is load balanced and transferred to your other server that is still alive and was there for quick and efficient disaster recovery with full data backup.

Managed cloud services helped it to come out of it. This shows that a disaster recovery plan works on the virtual environment also. So, did you see how important it is for your businesses to run efficiently?

Example on Physical Environment: Physical here means all the hardware and software related tools that are configured in the computer system, CPU or data centers. Protecting data stored in these devices is equally important. So, a well groomed backup and a disaster recovery plans are required to prevent them from crashing. Let us take an example:

Suppose Apple Apple Corp. has a strong IT backup and is running its operations smoothly. But, one day 10 out of 20 systems functioning crashed their hard disks. Why? This happened due to improper IT work force and mismanaged installing methods. So, what is that one stop solution that could overcome such a problem for the company?

The key to such a problem is Complete Disk Imaging. The process is nothing but re-tooling and restoring back the crashed data.

However, to prevent such things to happen, it is vital to incorporate tools in both physical as well as virtual environments so that users experience only scalable and green environment. If all the above mentioned examples are still inappropriate for you to understand the importance of disaster recovery and back up plans let us make you understand the concept by taking a non-technical example.

Example: Suppose you visit a drycleaner for getting your expensive clothing and apparels dry-cleaned. You do so because you know washing them at home can spoil their look resulting in dull finish. Now, when you avail dry-cleaning services the vendor there provides you with a slip that has all the written details of your clothing including the date on which he would be delivering you clothes and keeps a copy of the slip with him.

Why does he do that? Yes, you are right; he does it to keep a record with him as well as with you. This small slip would not only help you but him as well if by chance he misplaces your clothing or does damage to it. The serial number on the slip will help you find your stuff.

In the similar fashion, IT and its related services also require timely backups and data disaster recovery plans in order to prevent unpredictable accidents.

So, the next time you store any data, whether in transit or at rest, never ever forget to take its backup and install the right kind of disaster recovery plan to see your business flourishing every moment.


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