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Cloud Computing Made So Simple even your Mom can Understand! – Episode I

Updated on July 7, 2021

3 Min Read

This is the Episode 1 of our What is Cloud Computing Series, in which we try guide you on Cloud Computing and its usages using a non traditional approach. Click here for Episode 2.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud, in a layman’s language is something that is there in the sky and forms due to excess heating of environment.  Now, the cloud, which we are talking about, is also somewhat like that except for the fact that it is not a gaseous version. Let us explain this in detail. Cloud, when related to technology is something where small, medium or big businesses store their confidential data in.

By this we mean that all their functions and daily operations that are present on web based cloud application can be accessed and shared in a virtual environment. Confused about virtual? Well, virtual environment here means something that is not visible physically. This means, Internet would act as cloud and your computer systems are a medium to access or share data stored in it.

Cloud Computing Mom

So, hope you got some idea about cloud and its virtual nature. After defining cloud in simple terms, let us find out why is it necessary to promote cloud concept and how would it benefit your organization. Take an example of a small business enterprise, say BlueBaby Inc.

Now, when BlueBaby Inc. business was set-up, it was set-up with a view to promote its baby products ranging from baby cradles and baby food products to baby accessories like water sippers and milk bottles. The business was at its peak at one point of time. Annual sales showed an immense hike of 80 %.

Thus, with increased business prospects and immense expansion, data centers where the information was hosted started showing poor results in terms of speed, availability and performance related issues. More users and low infrastructure costs popped in with such issues.

Moreover, the ironical part in the entire story is that even the top management of the company was a bit slow in experimenting with latest technology tools, like Cloud. To them cloud was a mere piggy bank used by those investors who are not confident on their in-house IT infrastructure.

This thought brought their sales down by almost half with huge monetary losses as they couldn’t manage their databases well enough to accommodate client requirements.

Bottom line in the entire story is that, had they took or availed managed cloud services from a reputed cloud provider and decided to migrate data on cloud, the situation would have been much better. Issues like downtime problems, scalability concerns and security matters etc among others would have been dealt with ease.

Cloud: Acting as Endless Pool for Storing Data

For all the cloud thirst that you might have been craving for, get well acquainted with the services of a reputed cloud provider and see the difference in your business expansion. Ever since the businesses started thinking rationally, the scope for technological innovations also grew at a faster pace. Cloud computing, though, still have to be nurtured and grabbed by the audience on several grounds, till date it has been the most survived out technology in IT industry.

Segregated into public, private and hybrid, investing in managed cloud computing services will only lessen down your burden of installing and implementing software and hardware devices on your computer systems. What you would experience is exceptionally well coordinated internal processes and a better bonding amongst the team mates. Still asking why? Obviously, by using collaboration tools applications on cloud all this can be achieved with ease.

Example: Suppose your organization is facing real hard time in catching up with clients and important business meetings. Not only this, you really are not looking forward to invest further in the expensive installations of collaboration tools, put all your worries aside and think in a broader spectrum. Cloud services have it all. Advantages you enjoy with putting collaboration tools on cloud are:

  • Cost reduction in terms of hardware and software devices.
  • Complete device independence is felt.
  • Ample time for concentrating upon other business strategies and expansion plans.
  • 100 % customer satisfaction.

Yet another facet that might sound interesting to the ecommerce businesses is that cloud will be all they could rely on. This means, ecommerce platforms like Magento or as a matter of fact even Drupal enables their clients to expand their clientele base widely by creating innumerable web pages with their pre-configured and well monitored integrated CMS (Content Management Systems) applications.

If still, you wish to find answers to cloud related stuff, feel free to visit our blog on managed cloud services by CloudWays. Surely, you would be benefited in some or the other way.

To read Episode 2 Click Here.


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