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How to Build a Trustworthy Ecommerce Site

Updated on October 16, 2015

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In order to build a very successful ecommerce brand, you need to build a site that is able to win the trust of the discerning consumer.

When a customer comes to your website, it is essential that he or she feels secure when entering their card details. It takes a lot of efforts to convince your customers to trust your ecommerce website with their details. Developers can use a number of ways to make your ecommerce site is more trustworthy than competitors. In relation to trustworthiness, UXMag conducted a study on what most customers expect to see from a trustworthy site. The results came out with five most important things that an ecommerce site must have to ensure that all the traffic is converted into loyal buyers, they are:

– Correct and complete information

– High quality products and services in the store

– Protection to the buyer (like personal information)

– Morals

– Properly functioning products

You now know the importance of trustworthiness. It is now time to convince your customers that it is safe to shop from your ecommerce site by using the following actionable ways:

Exceptional UI & UX

Having a website that has a congested and messed up UI will give users the impression that you are not serious about their private information. They will be worried that it will get lost in the clutter. If your website, for instance, looks like this:

UI example

Then, the users will not hesitate in clicking the back button and moving away from your website. However, if your website is designed in a professional manner, something like LoveCulture, then your users will have a good impression of your ecommerce site.

UI Example

The users will have a good first impression of your website and will not get lost in the messy product pages.

Similarly, along with an appealing design your ecommerce site also needs to work as per the expectations of your user.

The user should not face any roadblock when he or she comes to shop at your site. From the arrival to the store to the checkout, the user experience needs to be completely smooth. Remember, your users would not shop from your site if they have to work through extra layers of forms, navigation or clogged up checkout pages. A bad user experience is going to get you a lot of negative publicity, which will not benefit you in anyway. You might get a lot of traffic, but no one would be willing enough to buy from your site.

Tell your Story

Adding a little personal touch to your website will not harm your business. When I visit an ecommerce website, I make sure I check out the About Us page and see where the business is coming from and who is working behind the scenes. It is hard for me to trust an online seller if I do not know anything about the person. That is when the About Us page comes into play. This is your space to share your story, your values, your history and to tell your customers why you started your ecommerce store. If you are able to hit the emotional strand with a sizzling About Us page, then you will be able to hook up with the customer, drawing them to trust your website.

john deere

Contact Us Page with Details

Customers will not look for this the moment they land on your website, but they will search for it when they are interested to buy from your site. When your customers have queries about your products,  how will they contact you if you have hidden your contact us page? You need to provide all the details on your contact us page and keep it as clean as possible. Your address should be visible to the user at a prominent position. Provide your phone number to make it easy for customers to trust your website.

Proof of Social

Reviews are important when it comes to buying a particular product. But they rarely tell you anything about the trustworthiness of the site. For this purpose, you should go out and get services like the Google Trusted Stores scheme. The scheme helps a website build trust with the customer by giving the average user rating and it also tells the users that other people have previously bought from the website and it can be trusted with purchases.

Moreover, you need to keep a consistent presence on other social platforms like, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, to make sure that you are in constant engagement with your users. The more you are going to engage with your users, the more trust you will be able to build with the customers. According to a survey on the Most Important Elements of the Ideal Customer Experience, with consumers aged between 18 to 65 years, 22% of the consumers answered that they would prefer that they are able to interact with the company over multiple channels.

Returns & Refund Policy

There is a reason why Amazon is the most trusted ecommerce website: It offers  no-risk buying to the customers. The buyer knows that in case of a damaged product, the purchase can be returned for a refund or in-store credit.

This helps you build a high level of trust with your buyers.

Online buyers have this as a benchmark in their minds when they stumble upon other websites for their purchases. You need to publish a complete and concise refund and return policy because when a customer is going to be sure of buying something from your store, rest assured, he or she will want to have a look at it.

Security features

If you are the owner of an ecommerce store, then you should consider getting a SSL certificate for your homepage. SSL (Secure Socket Layers system) is a security benchmark that encrypts the communication between the user’s browser and the server gateway of the payment provider. This ensures that all the credit card details that your customers are entering is transferred securely. Seeing the “padlock” with “https” makes the visitors more comfortable about your ecommerce site.

Moreover, you can add security badges on your ecommerce website to give your website an essential credibility on the basis of the reputation of the security companies. Customers may not recognize the padlock in the search bar, but they will recognize the security brand badge of McAfee, Verisign, or Norton.

It takes time to build a brand from scratch and if you are not focused on building trust with your customers, then you are only hampering your chances of cashing in. Click those “star” in your search bars and keep these tips as bookmarks or print them out to make sure people trust your ecommerce store with their purchases.

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Immad Uddin Khan

Immad is a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is mostly busy in creating all sorts of informative and innovative content types. As a hobby, he loves to travel with his camera to picturesque destinations.

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