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11 Remarkable Tools For Smart Web Design Agencies

May 22, 2014

6 Min Read
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Yeah, I know we all love to get to the basics to put the pencil on paper. But sometimes involving new tools in the process can help you to flow the creative juice all over the place.

It’s been a while since I have been involved in managing design and development processes. So while restoring my old habits, today I am sharing with you 11 remarkable tools which web designers and web design agencies should consider using.

I have divided the tools in 5 major categories. Each category has different tools. I certainly have my favorites in these, but they change on the objective I want to gain:

  • Design process
  • Client collaboration
  • Code process
  • Design profiling and showcase
  • Web launch and maintenance


Tools for Design process

Design process typically starts with brainstorming for samples, ideas, and color themes. It involves creating design mock-ups and then repeating the same design steps again and again. Therefore, it is a task that some of the designers dread.

Well, technology is here to save the day. Here are some tools that can be helpful to speedup this process.

1. Pixel Dropr

Pixel Dropr is a Photoshop plugin for website designers created by UI Parade. The concept behind the Pixel Dropr is to ease out web design process by grouping all commonly-used UI elements in one plugin.

By using this plugin, web designers can create a group of buttons, icons, vectors and other web elements. These web elements can be dropped and dragged in any PSD file directly from Photoshop.

2. Niice

Niice is sort of a search engine for designers. It gathers results from Behance, Designspiration, and Dribble. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, just dig here and you won’t be disappointed. I recommend that you try searching for responsive web designs.


3. Intuitive Color Picker

It’s an online color picker tool. When it loads, the whole browser gets filled with color. You can move your mouse left to right to change the hue and up and down to adjust the brightness and change the saturation with scroll. You can choose a color theme and click on the screen to save that color and continue with the second color. You can create a whole collection of colors.  Here’s a screenshot which shows how it works.

color pickers

Tools for Client Collaboration

Most difficult part is to understand the client; you know what I mean :). What client says sometimes it looks or means totally opposite from what he really wants. Well that’s the part where you have to think like a smart web designer and figure out how to solve this mystery.

1. InVision

InVision is the world’s leading design prototyping and collaboration platform. It transforms designs into interactive prototypes with proper transitions, animations, and working buttons without any HTML-ization process involved.

It helps designers to sell their ideas by using real-time design presentations and collaborations. It allows clients to click through the design and experience the live demo before starting the development process.


Tools for Web Coding process

Development process includes bulk of programming, uploading content, organizing codes, and constantly managing the whole coding process as long as the full website goes live. To make the process smooth and hassle-free, smart web developers use some of these tools.

1. Foundation

Foundation is a responsive front-end framework. It allows designers to create responsive and faster websites for better user experience. Now it’s crazy fast for web designers to code and build apps, products, and services in no time


2. CodeKit

CodeKit is a software that helps to build your website faster and better on Mac. It complies everything automatically including typescript, Haml, Less, Sass, Stylus, CoffeeScript, slim, Markdown, and Javascript. You can also auto-refresh the browsers through this software and you never have to hit the Command+R again. Isn’t it cool?


3. Webflow

Webflow is a website building tool for web designers. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to create a custom-made website without using any code. It’s a handy tool for those creative web designers who don’t like to code to create an entire website.


4. Google Fonts

Google Fonts helps you to enable a font type on your website with a simple one-line code. It contains a huge collection of fonts best optimized for web. Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose
  2. Review
  3. Use

google fonts

Tools for showcasing your Design Portfolio

Remember, visitors love to know the inspiring story and concept behind a finished project. Once you have completed your project, it’s now your chance to proudly showcase your portfolio and show the world what you have created. Let’s get to the bottom of each project and see how you can best present it to attract new clients. Here are some amazing platforms that can help you initiate this process smartly and easily.

1. Behance

Behance is the leading online platform for creative designers. You can showcase your work to the world and find relevant works created by other designers.

It helps designers to update all their work in one place and broadcast it widely. It helps companies and agencies to explore the creativity and find the right talent globally.


2. Place it

This is a drag and drop tool which helps to place your product screenshots in realistic environment. You can use this app to tell your product story in seconds with real-life examples. You will love it, go give it a try! Here’s the link.

place it place it



Website Launch and Management process

Finally, the launch phase arrives when website is ready to be taken live for public viewing. It’s a big headache if your website hosting panel is not user-friendly and requires to engage with the tech team for most of the activities. But, smart website agencies have better things to deal during this process and this is why they choose hassle-free hosting platforms.

1. Cloudways

Well do I really have to explain it? 🙂

Cloudways is a 1-click solution for hosting your web applications. It’s specially created for web designers, developers, and agencies, so that they can manage websites easily from their browser.

Using the Cloudways cloud platform, you can easily launch unlimited servers with one account. You can also deploy unlimited apps (i.e. WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, PHP Stack, and many more) on a single server. Cloudways uses a VMAN recipe that helps to boost any website with 50% FASTER performance.

Can’t believe it? Well then, test it yourself! Start your FREE trial from the banner below or click here.



If I have missed any of your favorite tools, feel free to share them in comments section below. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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Owais Khan

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