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Use One Of These Top 10 Free Magento Themes to Change The Look Of Your Store!

Updated on  20th October

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The beauty of the Magento e-commerce CMS is what I like to call “customized diversity”. The visual appearance of your online webstore has a huge affect on your conversion rate. The theme you deploy on your webstore should appeal to your target market.

The foundation of solid website design rests on the theme. It is the soul of any hosted Magento shop. If you are starting out, then there is no need get a custom theme made for your online store. You can use a free theme instead.

Free Magento Themes

Top 10 Free Magento Themes

Finding aesthetically pleasing themes at zero-dollar price is hard work. However, I have made this special effort for you. In the list, I have tried to include top-quality themes. Here I want to clarify that this is not ranking themes. These are mere suggestions. If you know about any high-quality themes, then share them with everyone by using our Comments section.

Fit Body

Fit Body Theme

This free Magento theme is a well-organized solution for sport-related websites. Powered by Bootstrap, it comes with attractive visual aesthetics, sticky navigation, social media integration, responsive design, comfortable grid view mode, and more. If you like the style of this theme, you may be interested in viewing more trendy Magento designs here.


HelloWired Theme

HelloWired is a minimally coded Magento theme capable of making your e-store speedier. Its compliance with W3C standards is a solid prerequisite for building a future-proof site optimized for all the modern browsers, devices and search engines. As for the interface of HelloWired, it is very simple but still has the most important elements such as a slider, carousel, newsletter subscription form, and a convenient menu with drop-down categories and fly-out subcategories.

AccessShop Lite

AccessShop Lite is a free eCommerce theme loaded with premium features, namely, multiple page layouts, customized customer dashboard, tabs, promo banners, and attractive checkout pages. To make your site livelier, the theme also features an animated slider and carousels for featured products, best sellers, and brand logos. Solid coding of AccessShop Lite meets security and SEO standards of today, whereas its customizability has no limits.


eros free theme

Eros is a multipurpose Magento theme that can suit a variety of stores, e.g. jewelry, fashion, electronics, and others. It allows you to create easy-to-convert landing pages with catchy promo blocks, zoom functionality, Facebook Like Box, advanced search, Google fonts, and more. The theme is oriented to users of both desktops and handheld devices, which will definitely come in handy in this age of mobile shopping.


This Magento theme is designed for technology-related sites, but it can be customized to any web resource. Its major points of interest include an automatic sale label, slider, promotion blocks, and list of featured products. To improve the connection with customers, there is also a newsletter subscription field and icons linked to social profiles above the footer.


trex free magento theme

Trex is a theme focusing on the visual sales pitch. The prominent box structure of the theme allows you to showcase your products through high resolution pictures. You may use this theme for the sale of any aesthetically pleasing product. The top navigation bar menu is called the “mega menu” because it supports custom blocks. Off-canvas menu feature of the theme saves valuable space on mobile devices.

Other cool features include theme colors and in-built extensions. You may choose any of five colors for the Trex theme. The complementary extensions include slideshow, product list, and product seller.

Free Fashion

The Open Source Free Fashion theme is based on latest CSS/HTML technology. The large image display design and bright, youthful colors exhibit a trendy look. The theme supports Magento Version 1.6.x, 1.7.x.

Community Poll option allows you to gather the demands of your customers. Category menus allow you to segment your fashion products for a specific range of products.

Magik Shoes

If your website is selling high-end products such as designer shoes and bags, perfumes, wristwatches, cell phones, business suits etc, the Magik Shoes theme is a safe bet! The Magik Shoes theme looks like a red-carpet webstore.

The theme features vertical product/categories menu, newsletter sign-up block, fab sliders, free scrolling cart extension, free quick view extension, customizable list & grid views. You can even select the color palette of your choice!

GPMD Magento Theme

GPMD Magento Theme

If you like straightforward, non-flashy designs, the GPMD theme is the best option. “Font Awesome” allows you to display scalable vector icons by harnessing the power of CSS. This theme displays well on a range of different devices, and the simple UI could prove to be successful with certain types of customers.

GPMD theme supports Apache server caching, compression, and other configuration defaults for superior performance.

Ves Furniture

What’s the most important thing when it comes to furniture? I try to look for sleek and classy styles, and yet the furniture shouldn’t be taking up too much space. Ves Furniture theme is great for online furniture stores because it accentuates the features of the furniture, yet has lots of empty space to avoid the idea of clutter in the potential customer’s mind. However, it is not compatible with the latest 1.9.x.x.

Magento Hosting: A key perfomance factor

Now you have an idea of the different types of layouts and themes available to you. Choosing a theme wisely will help in conversions.

But! There’s another important factor to ensure smooth sales. The hosting provider you choose will greatly affect your website’s performance. Cloudways offers optimized Managed Cloud Magento e-commerce hosting with 24/7/365 customer support.

Easy Git and SSL management, along with managed backups ensure peace of mind for Cloudways customers. You don’t have to worry about security, as our system admins apply the latest patches to your servers for you.

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Zain Imran

Zain Imran is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways. He is an engineer and loves to learn about technologies. He is a sports and fitness freak.

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