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Use The Best Magento ERP Solution for For Your Store

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Spending the better part of your week on preparing reports or reconciling accounts isn’t the most efficient way of doing things. This is where businesses start opting for Enterprise Resource Planning software. ERP is a business process management software that uses integrated application based systems to manage back office functions. The integration of different business processes and the store greatly eases the planning and management of an ecommerce business.

Magento is a robust platform with a significant market share in the ecommerce industry. By combining Magento powered store and the right Magento ERP software, merchants can keep their focus on boosting sales and exploring new opportunities, instead of being bogged down with the nitty-gritties.

Here’s a list of the best ERP software for Magento.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive solution for HR and finance related challenges that businesses face regularly. It also offers operations management that enables stores to engage customers on a global scale and make smart business decisions. Some of the most prominent features of Microsoft Dynamics include:

Some of the most notable features of Microsoft Dynamics include:

  • Automates your warehouse processes, which in turn reduces operational costs
  • Creates budget plan worksheet templates
  • Prepares demand forecasting
  • Improves functionality with payroll analytics and other human resource updates
  • Enhances data management
  • Builds campaigns and engages customers through social media platforms


SAP offers ERP solutions for large and mid-sized businesses. Using SAP, managers can predict and anticipate business outcomes with analytics-driven decision making. The system helps in managing every aspect of the business, from accounting to supply chain management, CRM, and purchasing.

SAP is one of the best ERP solutions to integrate with Magento stores. Store owners can meet their business needs by using the business models that drive new revenues. Here are some of the key features that SAP has to offer:

  • Cloud deployment
  • Integrated business intelligence
  • Quick deployment
  • Intelligent technology, including machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Native integration with line-of-business solutions from SAP
  • You can export orders from Magento ecommerce platform to SAP
  • Import inventory, catalog and promotion pricing into Magento


NetSuite provides clients with real-time data and reporting. The ERP solution is engineered to scale with businesses as they grow. It streamlines processes and allows store owners to continue focusing on their needs of activities and look for new market opportunities. It provides efficient solutions for financial management, order management, procurement, supply chain management and more. Integration of Magento store with NetSuite ERP gives businesses the right tools for accelerating the business and driving innovation.

The ERP solution is designed for fast-growing businesses because of industry-specific functionalities spanning a broad range of possibilities. At the same time, NetSuite ERP solution is capable of addressing the needs of the CEO, CFO, Controller, and CIO.


The use of ERP software is particularly relevant for retail businesses. And while Magento is a robust platform, it just cannot fulfill all the needs of the business. With the integration of the aforementioned ERP software and Magento store, merchants can improve sales while staying on top of all the other aspects of the business. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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