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10 Top Genesis Framework Themes for WooCommerce Stores

March 26, 2018

8 Min Read
Reading Time: 8 minutes

Finding a suitable WordPress theme can cause you to lose patience. On the one hand, some models are aesthetically pleasing but do not have useful tools to improve your SEO. Other themes, however, stand out by their consideration of SEO requirements, but leave much to be desired in terms of design. Added to this are plugin problems, poorly programmed source codes or security vulnerabilities. Thus, it is common to regularly change website themes, which, however, requires a lot of time and money. Basic themes like Genesis framework themes can nevertheless be a good way out of this dilemma, keeping some flexibility for design.


With the new Genesis framework themes, much power has been added to WordPress. Genesis provides SEO optimized foundation for any website and helps you achieve your goals investing minimal efforts. It is a well-designed framework which is going to stay on the market for quite a long period. This is because no updates or customization changes can affect the Genesis Framework making it the most reliable and a must-adapt framework for your website.

In today’s era of cloud computing, e-commerce is one of the most rapidly growing trends over the internet. One can find millions of e-commerce websites based on different e-commerce applications such as Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, etc.

The easiest by far is the WooCommerce plugin which is available on WordPress. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can set up an online web store in just a matter of minutes.

This article is focused on discussing the top 10 WooCommerce themes supported by Genesis Framework. With our experience, we are going to share how such themes can help you build a high-quality website giving you a high-performance online web store.

Theme developers found the great opportunity to develop themes on Genesis that is compatible with WooCommerce plugin as well. Today, we have a wide range of WooCommerce ready themes that are supported on Genesis framework giving your website an exclusive feel.

  1. Envy
  2. Jessica
  3. Shoppie
  4. Modern Blogger Pro
  5. Aspire Pro
  6. Fun
  7. Start
  8. Minimalist Shop
  9. Adorn
  10. Tickled Pink

1. Envy

Envy Woocommerce theme

We rate Envy theme as the best in the WordPress market with various reasons to support this argument. Let’s see how Envy is your best solution:

Complete Package: Envy is a total power package of WordPress, Genesis, and WooCommerce. WordPress is about 20% of internet websites today. Genesis is the most used theme framework doing business online. It is a treat while using WooCommerce. And Envy is smartly designed to support and work like a delight with all these three market giants.

Envy Is All That You Need: Envy is simple, fast loading and SEO optimized, so you don’t need to worry about these aspects.

Sticky Headers and Menu: Most beautiful themes are missing sticky headers and menu that is very irritating, but Envy has impressive sticky menu and header that may fit best to your needs. But as soon as the mobile responsive menu appears, this sticky menu and header hide automatically.

5 Responsive Layouts: Awesome looking responsive layouts include a separate topbar widget area right above the main content of your website. It eradicates the designing issues on smaller devices.

Main Menu Slider: Do you wish to show your featured products on top? Envy theme integrates Genesis responsive slider to show all your special posts. However, to get a full page size slider, you need to buy Envy Pro. Once you make the purchase, nothing else is more or less required because it is completely ready for work.

Flexible with Genesis Plugins: You can integrate Envy with WooCommerce via Genesis Connect. You can also make use of all other Genesis plugins like Genesis Responsive Slider, Genesis eNews Extended, and Simple Social Icons.

Color Variations: You can select from 6 different colors while attracting red color is by default included in Envy Pro.

To know more about various tweaks, how to install and other related information on the theme, you can visit their tutorial page.
To purchase the theme visit:

2. Jessica

Jessica Woocommerce theme

Jessica is a featured theme on StudioPress, makers of Genesis Framework. Jessica was specially designed to craft e-commerce websites. You can get Jessica and Genesis Framework just for $129.95.

Flexibility in Choosing E-Commerce Plugin: Jessica is pre-styled for WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, and WooCommerce related plugin. So keep a comfort in mind while choosing this plugin.

A variety of Home Page and Widgets: You can select from the list of 10 homepages and full-screen widget areas that are customizable as your likings.

Customization Made Easy: Theme Customizer allows tweaking theme’s color, background, and content in real time for preview. Header customization is also flexible, as you can have a graphical logo as well as a text-based logo.

To purchase the theme visit:

3. Shoppie

Shoppie Woocommerce theme

We believe that this is one of the best eCommerce theme based on Genesis framework. It is a cool theme if you are looking forward to designing. You can have your homepage and category page setup in so many different ways.

Can Be More Than a Shop: It seems as if it is only designed for eCommerce websites but this is not true. With Shoppie you can start a stylish portfolio or a blog as well.

Design Options: Shoppie has given the good amount of design customization to its users. You can select from 3 different layouts and choose b/w five different colors as well.

Complete Control over Homepage: A complete widget based homepage lets you build your own custom style homepage.

Page and Post Options: You are given the feature of In-post navigation and blog page grid display as well.

Price (Theme + Genesis Framework): We believe it is a complete package to get both of these in only $50.
To purchase the theme click here

4. Modern Blogger Pro

Modern Blogger Pro Woocommerce theme

In our views, Modern Blogger is the best theme when looks and styles are concerned. It is featured by StudioPress and developed by Pretty Darn Cute. You can purchase it from their website. It has the best design and layout which gives the best blogging experience to users. Let’s discuss some of its features:

Integrated WooCommerce Plugin: Modern Blogger Pro allows you to create an awesome looking e-commerce website with an integrated WooCommerce plugin. It can be bought just for $49.99.

Awesome Support and Tutorial Guide: When you purchase Modern Blogger, it comes with 20+ WordPress video tutorials to guide you on how to use it.

6 Different Layouts for Style: Keeping the blogging purpose in mind, users are provided with six beautifully designed layouts that give each user a different look to their website.

PSD Files of Ad Spaces: They provide the PSD file of Ad space so you can customize the ad looks. This feature is rarely accessible in most themes on WordPress.

Supports Slider Above Posts: There is a widget area above each blog posts so you can adjust sliders accordingly in between posts.

Subscription Widget Can Be Placed Anywhere: They provide a special subscription widget that can be placed anywhere.

To purchase the theme click here

5. Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro Woocommerce theme

Powered by StudioPress, Aspire Pro is an another featured theme that is bold as well as multipurpose. The eye-catching feature of Aspire Pro is it parallax scrolling effect.

A variety of Page Templates: You can select different page templates from provided styles: Default Category, Landing, Blog, and Archive. Now you can build each different page in accordance with your preferences.

15 Homepage Widget Locations: You can feel the power of placing things where you want them to be placed with 15 custom homepage locations for widgets.

Translation Ready and Fully Optimized with Different Sizes: Modern Blogger Pro allows you to create the awesome looking e-commerce website with the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress. It is available in the WordPress market just for $49.99 whereas it is available in $99.95 (Theme + Genesis Framework)

To purchase the theme click here

6. Fun

Fun Woocommerce theme

The theme is named Fun because it is simple and fun to play around with while setting up a beautiful website as per your requirements. With Fun, remove your hassles of investing efforts to design a website. If you want to start your own web store, this theme is built and ready for WooCommerce.

Ask for WooCommerce Installation: If you want to build a store you can install the WooCommerce plugin and if not you can simply skip during installation. It is that simple.

Featured on StudioPress: It is developed by Pretty Darn Cute who is one of the top featured theme builders on StudioPress website.

Complete Customizable Homepage: Level of customization in this theme can be explained by the feature that you can place any widget anywhere on the homepage.

To purchase the theme click here

7. Start

Start Woocommerce theme

This is Genesis framework theme designed in such a way that it supports WooCommerce based websites as well. It is one of our top recommendation themes. You have access to various elements to fill your web page.

Homepage/Page Styles and Templates: You can select different homepage styles and page styles using Start.

Mobile Ready and SEO Optimized: Start is completely optimized for mobile devices as well as search engines.

Unlimited Usage License: Once purchased, you can use this theme as many times as you want. There is no limitation and issues.

To purchase the theme click here

8. Minimalist Shop

Minimalista Shop Woocommerce theme

It is one of the most simple types of theme that is only trying to keep the focus of visitors on the product. Completely ready for WooCommerce, you can start selling your products with this theme.

Clean, Simple and Professional: Minimalist shop is designed with such simple structure in mind that it is one of the fastest WooCommerce themes available.

6 Layout Options: You can select page style from pre-prepared six layouts.

Completely Widget Based Homepage: Homepage can be filled with different type of widget that you can use.

Featured Images: You can add featured images to the posts as well.

To purchase the theme click here

9. Adorn

Adorn Woocommerce theme

Adorn is another in the list of Genesis framework themes for WooCommerce websites. It has a simple, plain and nicely organized homepage.

Low-Cost Theme: Total price for Adorn + Genesis Framework is only $50 which makes it a treat for low-budget developers.

Design Options: 6 nicely designed layouts are also included in the theme.

Featured on StudioPress: StudioPress featured Adorn theme on its website as well which shows the credibility of the theme.

WooCommerce Ready: Adorn can be used to build your online store. It uses WooCommerce plugin for this purpose.

HTML5 and Mobile Ready Theme: It is a mobile responsive theme that is designed on HTML5.

Major Plugin Support: Adorn is flexible with various Genesis plugins like Genesis Responsive Slider, Genesis Enews Extended, and many others.

To purchase the theme click here

10. Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink Woocommerce theme

Another Restored 316 Design in our list of top eCommerce themes for Genesis framework. It is a delicate and pink color enriched theme. Also, includes stock of images that you can use anywhere you want on the website.

WooCommerce Ready Theme: Tickled Pink is gentle and can be used to sell your products. It is most suitable to be used with feminine or delicate products.

Stock Included: A good stock of Images is included in the purchase.

Customize Options: Colors can be changed with WordPress customizer.

Upload Your Own Background and Retina Quality Logo: It gives a retina friendly logo, and you can upload your own background.

HTML5 and Mobile Responsive Ready Theme: The theme is mobile responsive and is crafted on HTML5.

To purchase the theme click here

Our Recommendations!

We have seen discussed top 10 eCommerce Themes for Genesis Framework. If we have to recommend you a theme to use, with our experience in WordPress, we will suggest you that you should go for Envy Pro theme. However, if you are a beginner with moderate WordPress and Genesis knowledge, then you should try Shoppie, because it is already set up beautifully for eCommerce websites and will not take your effort and time. Thanks for taking out sometime, hope you find the theme that fits best to your needs.

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