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14 Ecommerce KPIs Every Marketer Needs To See [Infographic]

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Ecommerce is one of those great ideas that actually improves over time.

Originally, ecommerce was defined as the selling of products over the internet. Today, the concept has evolved into an umbrella term that covers all aspects of electronic commercial transactions.

In almost all cases, ecommerce allows for a high degree of personalization of services and products, especially when the ecommerce component is coupled with the relevant production system (for example: business cards, clothing, hailing services and so on).

Given the broad definition of the term ecommerce, keeping track of the performance of the ecommerce ventures is an important challenge for all stakeholders. It is not simply the matter of measuring a few key parameters. In order to make sure that your ecommerce venture is on the right track, you need to ensure that your measurement system emphasize on several very relevant KPI.

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Here is a list of 14 KPI that every ecommerce stakeholder should measure so that the profitability of the venture could be measured accurately. Check out the following infographic to get a taste of the KPI measurement game:

The early days of ecommerce was about to find a product and selling it online. However, the ecommerce  landscape has grown with the growth of technology and its impact on the marketers. All stakeholders need to keep track of the 14 essential KPIs to define the success or failure of any ecommerce business.

P.S. This ecommerce KPIs list is limited. If you think I missed out an important indicator, mention it  in the comments section. Thank you!

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