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6 Benefits of Managed Cloud & Migrating IT Department to the Cloud

Updated on November 1, 2011

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Benefits of Migrating CloudConstructing and managing IT department of any organization is not a simple task. It involves several risks as well as challenges during its setup. Prime components that form a complete IT infrastructure include Hardware management, software management and data center management also known as (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

In order to manage these significant areas efficiently and to meet with the increasing demands for IT infrastructure, several organizations have to invest in IT infrastructures to manage it smoothly. But, managing all this plus maintaining it with professional IT workforce consumes so much time that there is hardly any time left for organizations to focus on their growth and expansion plans.

This is when the need for something exceptional is felt that can take care of entire IT infrastructure without making it a hassle for organizations to invest extra on it. If your mind is still boggling and is not able to work the right way out, broaden your approach a bit and think about transferring the entire IT infrastructure to cloud.

Why cloud, let us highlight it in a broader sense. Cloud as discussed earlier is nothing but a web-based application that enables potential business enterprises to perform their daily activities in a virtual environment on a computer system. But to keep them running efficiently is the main trick.

Check List to Judge Cloud Managers

Although, shifting an in-house IT premise on cloud or outsourcing your business to a cloud manager might be an easy way to get rid of the daily hardware software related erupting issues, but how good and professional cloud providers are should be a prime concern for organizations. So what are those few things corporate entrepreneurs should look forward for choosing the right kind of people or work force to manage their data on cloud, there are a couple of points, lets ponder upon them :

Reputation and Reliability: Before outsourcing your business to a cloud provider, you should always do extensive research about how genuine and reliable your managed cloud provider is. It is vital to hire a reputed one because essential steps including cloud migration or monitoring can be dealt with ease. However, trust and accountability would automatically come when your business is taken care of efficiently. Thus, handover your business to a managed cloud provider that is equally proficient like your in-house IT team was.

Data Recovery Plan: Data recovery plan is important in cloud security because of the reason that if by chance data crashes, having a back-up of it will help you deal with and overcome the problem.

For example: XYZ company has recently transferred its data to the cloud and for doing so has hired a cloud provider to monitor and look after the data properly. But, while migrating data for XYZ organization, the cloud service provider didn’t use appropriate tools for migration and thus, landed up in issues like data crash. With this act, not only does the Company suffered from huge monetary losses but also suffered from losses in terms of its reputation in the market. However, had the company XYZ chosen right kind of managed cloud provider for managing and maintaining its daily IT operations, such a thing wouldn’t have happened.

Cloud Security

It is another point that still is a controversial topic globally and yet to be worked upon. Make sure your managed cloud provider is knowledgeable enough to secure your confidential data in the cloud properly. Moreover, much talked about concerns amongst organizations for cloud security are

Data Encryption

Foremost point that concerns several organizations is saving and storing files and data in an encrypted form. Encryption of data is done using public and private keys.

Building Legal Policies

Through which businesses can keep a track of their stored data in a simple manner. By stating this we mean, when data is stored in cloud it does not give the information to the user about where their data is stored. This creates insecurity amongst enterprises about the safety of it.

Cloud Migration

The process involves ample expertise to transfer data from in-house servers and data centers to a distant cloud server. Also one of the most challenging tasks for cloud managers, it involves expert assistance right from the beginning to the end of the migration process.

Criminal Activities like Hacking & Spamming are Common

Making in-house IT environment secure isn’t a simple task to perform. As cloud is a web-based application, it is breeding grounds for criminal offenses like spamming and hacking as well. Your cloud also needs to be secured for these reasons. So, take assistance from a reliable cloud provider and get rid of all these hazards.

Managed Cloud Services is a Boon to IT Infrastructure Companies

With advancements in technological innovations, cloud computing have emerged as a booming field that has given organizations chance to withstand growing IT infrastructure demands. However, with the help of managed cloud providers managing and marinating cloud of a particular organization gets even simpler. Factors like increased scalability, consistent and flexible working environment, cost reduction in terms of hardware and software tools and liberty to work virtually from any part of the globe are some of the few advantages IT infrastructure companies’ experience.

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