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Magento Theme Giveaway by Argento

Updated on  5th December

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Christmas is nearing and our friends Templates Master are in the spirit. They are presenting a chance for you to win a license of Argento, one of the most versatile Magento theme available online.

Argento Magento Theme

Use Argento Magento Theme for Swift Success

Take a step to create an online store with Argento theme today. This responsive Magento template is perfectly suitable for a business selling tech-related products, fashion goods and accessories, books, medicines, and sporting goods.

Argento Magento Theme Giveaway

Usability never goes out of trend. Argento combines 18 Magento modules which are merged into one template. Therefore, you’ve got configurable logo image, product tabs, navigation links, banners, product labels, and featured product blocks.

Outstanding Features

Navigation Pro module allows you to create additional links, add drop-down content such as Shop by Block, create a mega menu like Amazon, add special callouts or any other kind of widgets or static HTML.

Navigation Pro Magento Theme

Built-in Ajax functionality provides you a bunch of options critically important for good usability in a store. This makes your website a lean and mean money-making machine. Without loading the page, you can complete many crucial functions like login, item comparison, display of related products, and so on. Through the Ajax-based search feature, you get a search box that can display suggested results for your query.

Product labels manager will help you highlight new, best selling, and special products in your store. You can configure and add many system labels as well as create unique custom product labels focused on products’ properties.

Suggesting additional products to your customers will most likely boost an average order value.

Product Labels Magento Theme

Sold Together module included in Argento allows you to create two different “blocks” with complementary products. You can show a selling block both on the product page and shopping cart page.

Sold Together Magento Theme

What else do you need to impress your customers with high website usability?

Customization Options

Styling your store in Argento is simple. You can easily customize the following objects:

  • Background body, footer, header, and content
  • Top navigation for desktop and mobile devices
  • Sidebars and their font and background
  • Tabs on the homepage and product page
  • Fonts including page title, block title, product name link in listing, and product page collateral titles

Moreover, you can create a custom theme by overriding CSS styles, templates, and layout styles.

How Argento Impacts Conversion Rate?

Argento is proven to be a powerful driver of conversion.

Being compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, our template will help you reach every user. Customer loyalty is built around mobile experience, so this can be critical to your store’s success.

Argento template is optimized for SEO and page load speed. SEO-friendly URL structure and HTML improvements improve user experience and drive to your store.

Argento will make your website a place people like to visit often. Our Magento theme comes with 5 modern designs easily customized in admin. Whatever products you come up with, they will look awesome.

What Else is Included?

  • Supports both Magento 1 and Magento 2
  • One-click installer
  • 18 built-in modules worth 994$. All extensions are documented
  • Ajax full featured
  • Ability to create sub-theme of an existing Argento
  • Magento Enterprise support
  • Free installation
  • Theme can be used on 5 separate Magento installations and unlimited number of domains
  • 1 month of free support and updates

Discover more to engage customers the world over.

Let your store do the bargain with Argento theme. A winner will be chosen from a pool of entries at random.

Guaranteed, incredible, amazing, value, because, real results, customers want a great deal – bargain, no obligation, act now.

One more…get it for free

Team up with Templates Master team and increase your bottom line. We’ve grown to more than 50 000 clients since we join Magento platform in 2008. Our highly experienced and forward-thinking developers will help you to succeed in business providing innovative ecommerce solutions. We offer 38 Magento 1 modules and 17 Magento 2 modules. There are also Magento free themes you can actually start running your site with. Our free themes were downloaded more than 200 000 times. You are more likely to succeed if you try out our feature-rich template – Argento.
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